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Latest news and updates at Apesound

30.12.2014 - Now you can pay via your amazon-account

Are you Amazon-customer? Then now you can pay via your amazon-account in our shop.

09.12.2014 - Order carefree for Christmas

All orders, that we receive until 18. december, 12h, will be shipped in time for Christmas. If you have a german delivery adress, youi can order until 20. december, 12h, and your order will finds its way under your Christmas tree in time.

12.11.2014 - 20% off on all our Jazz articles!

We offer you 20% off on all our articles from our categories "Jazz-CDs" & "Jazz-LPs! This offer is valid until 23.11.2014!

26.10.2014 - Happy Halloween!

We offer a 15%-Halloween-discount on everything. This offer is valid until 31.10.2014.

11.10.2014 - Now you can donate with Elefunds

elefunds, launched in 2012, is a social impact enterprise that revolutionizes the way we raise funds digitally. elefunds provides fundraising as a service and offers to round up all types of electronic payments to donate by giving change to the charities you love. elefunds provides its powerful service to people, companies and charities to easily activate, give and receive donations and to be part of real social impact worldwide. elefunds core vision and continued ambition is to add social value to everybody’s daily life.

1. How does elefunds work?

After filling your shopping cart and entering the checkout process, you'll be able to round up your grand total, and choose one or more charities to donate to. It's that simple!

einkaufen, aufrunden, spenden

The donation amount will be divided up evenly among the charities you chose. Afterwards, you can share your dedication to sustainabilty on Facebook and engage your friends to do the same!

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2. What happens with my donation?

Die Spende geht mit der Kaufsumme an den Shop

The total amount of your purchase, including the donation, is collected by the shop. The shop then transfers all collected donations to the elefunds Foundation...

Die elefunds Stiftung verteilt die Spende

...and the foundation then transfers the correct amount to the charities respectively. These can then fund and support the projects that are important to you. Pretty neat, right?!

Learn more at elefunds.de

01.10.2014 - 20% off on all our Jazz vinyl!

Now we offer a 20% discount on all our Jazz-vinyl. This offer is valid until 12.10.2014!
Here you find our offers.

01.08.2014 - Cheap CDs in our category "Modern"!

We reduced all CDs in our category "Modern". Save 20%! This offer is valid until 17.08.0214.

17.07.2014 - You gett 20% off on all Jazz-CDs!

Apesound offers you 20% off on all CDs in the category "Jazz". This offer is valid until 27.07.2014.

21.04.2014 - 20% off on all world-music LP's!

Apesound offers you 20% off on all LP's in the category "world music". This offer is valid until 27.04.2014.

11.04.2014 - Apesound celebrates the second birthday

We celebrate "2 years apesound". Celebrate with us! We give you 10% off everything (valid from 11.04. - 18.04.2014)

06.03.2014 - 20% off on all classical vinyl!

We now offer 20% discount on all vinyl from the category "Classics". This offer is valid until 16.03.2014.

14.01.2014 - 20% off on all Vinyl in the category "Modern"!

We offer you 20% discount on all vinyl from the category "Modern" until 26.01.2014!

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