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Orient Express • Train de Luxe Paris Constantinople CD

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Orient Express • Train de Luxe Paris Constantinople CD

The musical travelogue from Paris to Constantinople in June 1905
1 Paris (Est): In The Train Station "Mari Maro" 1:56
2 Dept., June 7th, 1905 "Musette Fantasy" 2:23
3 On The Train "Rose Mousse" 4:16
4 The Piano Player On The »Traveller De Luxe« "As A Memento Of La Bofime" 4:28
5 At The Dining Car "Pizzicato Polka" 2:34
6 Welcome To Munich "Bayerischer Präsentiermarsch" 1:19
7 The Brass Band Party At The Munich Train Station "Bayerischer Defiliermarsch" 2:41
8 On The Way To Vienna "Habanera" 2:58
9 Relaxation On The Train "Serenade" 3:36
10 Hustle And Bustle At The Train Station In Vienna "An Der Schönen Blauen Donau" 7:20
11 Heralds Of Balkans "Hungarian Dance" 2:40
12 Passing Through Budapest "Valurile Dunarii" 3:57
13 Border Crossing Point To Romania "Neno Mari Neno" 1:20
14 Once Upon A Time In The East "Na Trapeza", "Daichovo Horo" 3:48
15 The Train Compartment Becomes A Dance Floor "Shopsko Horo", "Krivo Horo" 5:01
16 Interlude For An Unaccompanied Traveller "Giacomo Puccini Fantasy" 6:57
17 Interruption In The Bulgarian Countryside "Zora See Zazorila" 2:58
18 In The Fields "Snoschti Damian Sardit Doide" 1:24
19 Gypsy Party "Rachenitza" 2:30
20 Breath Of Wind "Mori Riso, Riso" 1:54
21 Back On The Train "Harlekin Polka" 2:51
22 Arrival In Constantinople, June 10th, 1905 "Song For Osman Pasha" 3:34
23 In The Central Station Of Constantinople 1:02

Winter & Winter Records
Total Time 73:42


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