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Italya - Isola della Rugiada Divina CD

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Italya - Isola della Rugiada Divina CD

Bezalel Aloni (1940): “Love songs”
Anonimo: “Kyriah Yefeifiah“, “Fire Dance”
Delilah Gutman (1978): “Ossé Shalòm”, “La memoria parla un canto”
Joel Engel (1868-1927): “Numi numi”
Anonimo: “Sheyibanè”, “Kuando el rey Nimrod”, “Durme, durme”, “Sing mir ein liedele”
Shlomo Secunda (1894-1974): “”Dona dona”
Daniel Galay (1945): Partita, andante con moto
Anonimo: “Shalom Aleichem”, “Yedid Nefesh”
Max Janowski (1912-1991): “Avinu Malkeinu”
Samuel Cohen (1870-1940): “Hatikva”
Gershom Lev: “Prok Yas Anach”
Anonimo: “Hinné ma tòv”, “Adio Kerida”, “Nani nani”, “Tarantino”, “Havenu Shalom Aleichen”, “Shalom Aleichen”, “Shemà”
Ilse Weber (1903-1914):”Wiegala”
L.Ssaminsky (1882-1959): “Ani’ Hadal”

Delilah Sharon Gutman (voce), Rephael Negri (violino)

Stradivarius Records, Total Time 56:28

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