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Beihdja Rahal • In the Mood for the Nouba 2 CDs

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Beihdja Rahal • In the Mood for the Nouba 2 CDs

The performance of the M'djanba and Mazmûm noubas presented here on this double CD requires warmth, both of soul and of feeling. The crystal-clear tones of Beihdja Rahal ring out in her radiant interpretation of these classical pieces from the Andalusian-Algerian repertoire. This genre is also accompanied by traditional instruments such as the târ (percussion), the darbûka or goblet drum, the lute, the violin, the kwîtra (springed instrument) and the qânûn (zither) and demands total respect of its rules, its harmony, rhythms and melody. The recording as a whole offers the listener an intense emotional experience.

CD 1
1 Ahabba Qalbî [My Heart Has Been Captured] 4:26
2 Qum Yâ Habîbî [Awake, My Love] 9:37
3 Law Kân Al-Milâh [Ah! If Only Fair Women Were Just] 10:06
4 Nadhari Ilâ Wadjhi L-Habîib [I Gaze Upon the Face of My Beloved] 5:46
5 Sâltak Yâ Badi Al Shabâb [Youth of Peerless Beauty] 7:55
6 Mâ-Lî Shamû [What Sorrow and Woe] 10:35
7 Sabat Qalbí [She Has Bewitched My Heart] 3:27
8 Dir Al-Qati [Pass on the Goblets] 5:01
9 Yâ Turâ in Kân Taûd [If They Would Only Return] 6:28
10 Hâdjib Maa Khûh [Linking Brow to Brow] 2:26

CD 2
1 Mâ 'Whash Nahâr As-Safar [How Sad I Was on the Day of Your Departure] 5:17
2 Anâ Îshqatí Fî Sultân [I Am Enamoured of the Sultan] 17:00
3 Afnâni dal Hubbu Raghma [This Love Has Crushed Me] 5:12
4 Atânî Rasûl [A Messenger Was Sent To Me] 17:21
5 Qadîbun Min Ar-Rayhan [Like a Star] 4:32
6 Yâ Nâ'imîn Lâ Tarkudû [You Who Sleep, Awake] 5:02
7 Dir Yâ Nadîm Kâss Al-Uqâr [My Companion, Prepare a Goblet of Wine] 5:30
8 Zâda I-Hubbu Wajdî [Passion Has Incresed My Feelings] 4:32
9 Hal Dâra Dhabiu L-Himâ [The Gazelle Who Dwells Here] 4:52
10 Qad Bashsharat Bi Qudûmikum [The Morning Breeze Announced Your Arrival] 4:17
11 Yâ Rûhi, Yâ Rihân [You Have Taken Hold of My Heart] 2:15
12 Yâ Muqâbil [Friends, I Am Losing Patience] 3:10

Institut du Monde Arabe / Harmonia Mundi

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