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Spontaneous Formation of Space-Time Structures and Criticality

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Spontaneous Formation of Space-Time Structures and Criticality

Edited by T. Riste and David Sherrington

Table of Contents
Scaling and Universality in Statistical Physics - Pages 1-24 - Thomas, H.
Self-Organized Criticality and the Perception of Large Events - Pages 25-31 - Bak, P.
Dynamical Aspects of Sandpile Cellular Automata - Pages 33-36 - Christensen, Kim
Steady State Selection in Driven Diffusive Systems - Pages 37-40 - Krug, Joachim
Earthquakes and Faulting: Self-Organized Critical Phenomena with a Characteristic Dimension - Pages 41-56 - Scholz, C. H.
Self-Organized Criticality in Plate Tectonics - Pages 57-106 - Sornette, Didier
Experiments and Simulations Modeling Earthquakes - Pages 107-111 - Feder, Hans Jacob S. (et al.)
Fractal Time-Series and Fractional Brownian Motion - Pages 113-135 - Feder, Jens
1/f Noise, Lattice Gases, and Diffusion - Pages 137-140 - Jensen, Henrik Jeldtoft
Fluctuations in a Lévy Flight Gas - Pages 141-144 - Fogedby, H. C. (et al.)
Spatio — Temporal Correlations in Semiconductors - Pages 145-176 - Peinke, J. (et al.)
New Travelling and Stationary Chemical Patterns in Open Spatial Reactors - Pages 177-202 - Kepper, P. (et al.)
Structure of Layered Systems Under Reactions - Pages 203-206 - Sokolov, I. M. (et al.)
Localized and “Blinking” Traveling Wave Patterns in a Convective Binary Mixture - Pages 207-244 - Steinberg, V. (et al.)
Localized Solutions of Generalized Swift-Hohenberg Equation - Pages 245-248 - Gluzman, S.
Experiments on the Couette-Taylor flow with an Axial Flow - Pages 249-254 - Tsameret, Avraham (et al.)
Convection in Microemulsions - Pages 255-258 - López-Quintela, M. A. (et al.)
Routes to Chaos in a Dissipative Chain of Strongly Coupled, Driven Spins - Pages 259-262 - Jaroszewicz, A. (et al.)
Localized Structures and Solitary Waves Excited by Interfacial Stresses - Pages 263-272 - Velarde, M. G. (et al.)
Subcritical Bifurcations and Spatiotemporal Intermittency - Pages 273-311 - Chaté, Hugues
Spatiotemporal Intermittency in Coupled Maps - Pages 313-325 - Alstrøm, Preben (et al.)
Multifractals, Multiscaling and the Energy Cascade of Turbulence - Pages 327-347 - Jensen, Mogens H.
Smooth and Rough Turbulence - Pages 349-366 - Bohr, Tomas
Structure Functions in a ‘Forest-Fire’ Model of Turbulence - Pages 367-370 - Finjord, J.
Magnetic flux tubes as coherent structures Pages 371-374 Brandenburg, A. (et al.)
Helium in a Big Box - Pages 375-384 - Libchaber, Albert (et al.)
Scaling Laws in Weak Turbulence - Pages 385-390 - Pak, H. K. (et al.)
Selforganization and Instabilities in a System of Magnetic Hole Pairs - Pages 391-394 - Helgesen, G. (et al.)
Universality in Fully Developed Chaos, and Statistics at Small Scales in Turbulence - Pages 395-419 - McCauley, Joseph L.
Does Dimension Grow in Flow Systems? - Pages 421-424 - Pikovsky, A. S.
Turbulent Flows and Coupled Maps - Pages 425-431 - Sreenivasan, K. R.
New Monte Carlo Renormalization Group Method for Phase Transitions of Lattice Systems - Pages 433-438 - Hu, Chin-Kun (et al.)




Springer, Paperback, Nato Science Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Vol. 349, english, 446 pages

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