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Learning Language in Logic

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Learning Language in Logic

James Cussens & Saso Dzeroski (editors)

Table of contents
Introductions & Overviews
Pages 3-35: An Introduction to Inductive Logic Programming and Learning Language in Logic - Sašo Džeroski, James Cussens, Suresh Manandhar
Pages 36-48: A Brief Introduction to Natural Language Processing for Non-linguists - Cynthia A. Thompson
Pages 49-56: A Closer Look at the Automatic Induction of Linguistic Knowledge - Eric Brill
Pages 57-66: Learning for Semantic Interpretation: Scaling Up without Dumbing Down - Raymond J. Mooney
Morphology & Phonology
Pages 69-88: Learning to Lemmatise Slovene Words - Sašo Džeroski, Tomaž Erjavec
Pages 89-109: Achievements and Prospects of Learning Word Morphology with Inductive Logic Programming - Dimitar Kazakov
Pages 110-124: Learning the Logic of Simple Phonotactics - Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang, John Nerbonne
Pages 127-142: Grammar Induction as Substructural Inductive Logic Programming - Pieter Adriaans, Erik de Haas
Pages 143-156: Experiments in Inductive Chart Parsing - James Cussens, Stephen Pulman
Pages 157-169: ILP in Part-of-Speech Tagging — An Overview - Martin Eineborg, Nikolaj Lindberg
Pages 170-183: Iterative Part-of-Speech Tagging - Alípio Jorge, Alneu de Andrade Lopes
Pages 184-198: DCG Induction Using MDL and Parsed Corpora - Miles Osborne
Pages 199-217: Learning Log-Linear Models on Constraint-Based Grammars for Disambiguation - Stefan Riezler
Pages 218-236: Unsupervised Lexical Learning with Categorial Grammars Using the LLL Corpus - Stephen Watkinson, Suresh Manandhar
Pages 237-246: Induction of Recursive Transfer Rules - Henrik Boström
Pages 247-258: Learning for Text Categorization and Information Extraction with ILP - Markus Junker, Michael Sintek, Matthias Rinck
Pages 259-278: Corpus-Based Learning of Semantic Relations by the ILP System, Asium - Claire Nedellec
Pages 279-299: Improving Learning by Choosing Examples Intelligently in Two Natural Language Tasks - Cynthia A. Thompson, Mary Elaine Califf
Author Index

Springer, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence #1925, Subseries of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, english, 299 pages

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