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Eric Anderson • Social Media Marketing

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Eric Anderson • Social Media Marketing

Game Theory and the Emergence of Collaboration
Does social media marketing signal the death of advertising, or its rebirth? Or is it merely the trend of the moment, destined for over-saturation and burnout? The current mania for social media clouds the marketer's vision with both overheated hype and dire predictions, none of which brings us closer to understanding how and why social media has emerged as a driving force in contemporary marketing.

The science of game theory provides the toolset for the marketer and the marketing scholar to see past the bubble trends to the deep structure of marketer-consumer relationships. Originally developed to guide Cold-War geopolitical maneuvering, game theory illuminates the conflicting and overlapping interests of marketers and consumers in marketing's long and contentious evolution toward cooperation. Social media marketing is revealed as an evolutionary stage in a movement that began with the Web itself. Its future depends on the decisions marketers make today.

Table of Contents 
Surviving the Customer - pages 1-12
Zero-Sum Games in Traditional Marketing - pages 13-34
The Prisoner’s Dilemma and the Emergence of Cooperation - pages 35-52
Consumer Revolt and the Rising Cost of Defection - pages 53-70
Sustaining Marketer-Consumer Cooperation through Coordination Games - pages 71-85
Crowdsourcing and Schelling’s Theory of Self-Command - pages 87-100
Content Popularity and Spence’s Theory of Costly Signaling - pages 101-139
Kapferer’s Prism and the Shifting Ground of Brand Identity - pages 141-164
Maxwell’s Demon and the Dwindling Supply of Consumer Attention - pages 165-179

Springer, Hardback, english, 188 pages

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