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Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns • Book + CD-Rom

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Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns • Book + CD-Rom

13th International Conference, CAIP 2009, Münster, Germany, September 2-4, 2009, Proceedings
Xiaoyi Jiang, Nicolai Petkov (Eds.)

An Overview of 3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video - Smolic, Aljoscha - Pages 1-8
Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Analysis of Paintings and Drawings: An Introduction to the Literature - Stork, David G. - Pages 9-24
Head Pose Estimation by a Stepwise Nonlinear Regression - Bailly, Kevin (et al.) - Pages 25-32
Model-Based Illumination Correction for Face Images in Uncontrolled Scenarios - Boom, Bas (et al.) - Pages 33-40
A New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition - Guo, Yimo (et al.) - Pages 41-49
Is White Light the Best Illumination for Palmprint Recognition? - Guo, Zhenhua (et al.) - Pages 50-57
Second-Level Partition for Estimating FAR Confidence Intervals in Biometric Systems - Li, Rongfeng (et al.) - Pages 58-65
Smooth Multi-Manifold Embedding for Robust Identity-Independent Head Pose Estimation - Liu, Xiangyang (et al.) - Pages 66-73
Retracted: Human Age Estimation by Metric Learning for Regression Problems - Long, Yangjing - Pages 74-82
Face Detection Using GPU-Based Convolutional Neural Networks - Nasse, Fabian (et al.) - Pages 83-90
Gaussian Weak Classifiers Based on Haar-Like Features with Four Rectangles for Real-time Face Detection - Pavani, Sri-Kaushik (et al.) - Pages 91-98
Model Based Analysis of Face Images for Facial Feature Extraction - Riaz, Zahid (et al.) - Pages 99-106
Dynamics Analysis of Facial Expressions for Person Identification - Tanaka, Hidenori (et al.) - Pages 107-115
Regression Based Non-frontal Face Synthesis for Improved Identity Verification - Wong, Yongkang (et al.) - Pages 116-124
Differential Feature Analysis for Palmprint Authentication - Wu, Xiangqian (et al.) - Pages 125-132
Combining Facial Appearance and Dynamics for Face Recognition - Ye, Ning (et al.) - Pages 133-140
Finger-Knuckle-Print Verification Based on Band-Limited Phase-Only Correlation - Zhang, Lin (et al.) - Pages 141-148
Calibration of Radially Symmetric Distortion by Fitting Principal Component - Hino, Hideitsu (et al.) - Pages 149-156
Calibration of Rotating Sensors - Scheibe, Karsten (et al.) - Pages 157-164
A New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs - Alamri, Huda (et al.) - Pages 165-172
Ridges Based Curled Textline Region Detection from Grayscale Camera-Captured Document Images - Bukhari, Syed Saqib (et al.) - Pages 173-180
Kernel PCA for HMM-Based Cursive Handwriting Recognition - Fischer, Andreas (et al.) - Pages 181-188
Improved Handwriting Recognition by Combining Two Forms of Hidden Markov Models and a Recurrent Neural Network - Frinken, Volkmar (et al.) - Pages 189-196
Embedded Bernoulli Mixture HMMs for Continuous Handwritten Text Recognition - Giménez, Adrià (et al.) - Pages 197-204
Recognition-Based Segmentation of Nom Characters from Body Text Regions of Stele Images Using Area Voronoi Diagram - Hoang, Thai V. (et al.) - Pages 205-212
A Novel Approach for Word Spotting Using Merge-Split Edit Distance - Khurshid, Khurram (et al.) - Pages 213-220
Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts - Malleron, Vincent (et al.) - Pages 221-228
Camera-Based Online Signature Verification with Sequential Marginal Likelihood Change Detector - Muramatsu, Daigo (et al.) - Pages 229-236
Separation of Overlapping and Touching Lines within Handwritten Arabic Documents - Ouwayed, Nazih (et al.) - Pages 237-244
Combining Contour Based Orientation and Curvature Features for Writer Recognition - Siddiqi, Imran (et al.) - Pages 245-252
A Novel Approach to Estimate Fractal Dimension from Closed Curves - Backes, André R. (et al.) - Pages 253-260
Saliency Based on Decorrelation and Distinctiveness of Local Responses - Garcia-Diaz, Antón (et al.) - Pages 261-268
Incorporating Shape Features in an Appearance-Based Object Detection System - Gill, Gurman (et al.) - Pages 269-276
Symmetry Detection for Multi-object Using Local Polar Coordinate - Gong, Yuanhao (et al.) - Pages 277-284
Detection of Non-convex Objects by Dynamic Programming - Große, Andree (et al.) - Pages 285-292
Finding Intrinsic and Extrinsic Viewing Parameters from a Single Realist Painting - Jordan, Tadeusz (et al.) - Pages 293-300
A Model for Saliency Detection Using NMFsc Algorithm - Liu, Jian (et al.) - Pages 301-308
Directional Force Field-Based Maps: Implementation and Application - Ni, JingBo (et al.) - Pages 309-317
A Spatio-Temporal Isotropic Operator for the Attention-Point Extraction - Palenichka, Roman M. (et al.) - Pages 318-325
Homological Tree-Based Strategies for Image Analysis - Real, P. (et al.) - Pages 326-333
Affine Moment Invariants of Color Images - Suk, Tomáš (et al.) - Pages 334-341
Graph-Based k-Means Clustering: A Comparison of the Set Median versus the Generalized Median Graph - Ferrer, M. (et al.) - Pages 342-350
Algorithms for the Sample Mean of Graphs - Jain, Brijnesh J. (et al.) - Pages 351-359
A Hypergraph-Based Model for Graph Clustering: Application to Image Indexing - Jouili, Salim (et al.) - Pages 360-368
Hypergraphs, Characteristic Polynomials and the Ihara Zeta Function - Ren, Peng (et al.) - Pages 369-376
Feature Ranking Algorithms for Improving Classification of Vector Space Embedded Graphs - Riesen, Kaspar (et al.) - Pages 377-384
Graph-Based Object Class Discovery - Xia, Shengping (et al.) - Pages 385-393
The Clifford-Hodge Flow: An Extension of the Beltrami Flow - Batard, Thomas (et al.) - Pages 394-401
Speedup of Color Palette Indexing in Self–Organization of Kohonen Feature Map - Chung, Kuo-Liang (et al.) - Pages 402-409
Probabilistic Satellite Image Fusion - Flitti, Farid (et al.) - Pages 410-418
A Riemannian Scalar Measure for Diffusion Tensor Images - Fuster, Andrea (et al.) - Pages 419-426
Structure-Preserving Smoothing of Biomedical Images - Gil, Debora (et al.) - Pages 427-434
Fast Block Clustering Based Optimized Adaptive Mediod Shift - Gilani, Zulqarnain (et al.) - Pages 435-443
Color Me Right–Seamless Image Compositing - Guo, Dong (et al.) - Pages 444-451
Transform Invariant Video Fingerprinting by NMF - Gursoy, Ozan (et al.) - Pages 452-459
A Model Based Method for Overall Well Focused Catadioptric Image Acquisition with Multi-focal Images - Li, Weiming (et al.) - Pages 460-467
Colorization Using Segmentation with Random Walk - Liu, Xiaoming (et al.) - Pages 468-475
Edge-Based Image Compression with Homogeneous Diffusion - Mainberger, Markus (et al.) - Pages 476-483
Color Quantization Based on PCA and Kohonen SOFM - Mavridis, D. (et al.) - Pages 484-491
On Adapting the Tensor Voting Framework to Robust Color Image Denoising - Moreno, Rodrigo (et al.) - Pages 492-500
Two-Dimensional Windowing in the Structural Similarity Index for the Colour Image Quality Assessment - Okarma, Krzysztof - Pages 501-508
Reduced Inverse Distance Weighting Interpolation for Painterly Rendering - Papari, Giuseppe (et al.) - Pages 509-516
Nonlinear Diffusion Filters without Parameters for Image Segmentation - Platero, Carlos (et al.) - Pages 517-524
Color Quantization by Multiresolution Analysis - Ramella, Giuliana (et al.) - Pages 525-532
Total Variation Processing of Images with Poisson Statistics - Sawatzky, Alex (et al.) - Pages 533-540
Fast Trilateral Filtering - Vaudrey, Tobi (et al.) - Pages 541-548
Joint Affine and Radiometric Registration Using Kernel Operators - Vigdor, Boaz (et al.) - Pages 549-556
MCMC-Based Algorithm to Adjust Scale Bias in Large Series of Electron Microscopical Ultrathin Sections - Zhang, Huaizhong (et al.) - Pages 557-564
Accelerating Image Retrieval Using Factorial Correspondence Analysis on GPU - Pham, Nguyen-Khang (et al.) - Pages 565-572
Color Based Bags-of-Emotions - Solli, Martin (et al.) - Pages 573-580
Measuring the Influence of Concept Detection on Video Retrieval - Toharia, Pablo (et al.) - Pages 581-589
SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles - Alexander, S. K. (et al.) - Pages 590-597
Extraction of Cardiac Motion Using Scale-Space Features Points and Gauged Reconstruction - Becciu, Alessandro (et al.) - Pages 598-605
A Non-Local Fuzzy Segmentation Method: Application to Brain MRI - Caldairou, Benoît (et al.) - Pages 606-613
Development of a High Resolution 3D Infant Stomach Model for Surgical Planning - Chaudry, Qaiser (et al.) - Pages 614-621
Improved Arterial Inner Wall Detection Using Generalized Median Computation - Cheng, Da-Chuan (et al.) - Pages 622-630
Parcellation of the Auditory Cortex into Landmark–Related Regions of Interest - Engel, Karin (et al.) - Pages 631-638
Automatic Fontanel Extraction from Newborns’ CT Images Using Variational Level Set - Kazemi, Kamran (et al.) - Pages 639-646
Modeling and Measurement of 3D Deformation of Scoliotic Spine Using 2D X-ray Images - Li, Hao (et al.) - Pages 647-654
A Comparative Study on Feature Selection for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using FABC - Lupascu, Carmen Alina (et al.) - Pages 655-662
Directional Multi-scale Modeling of High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) Lung Images for Diffuse Lung Disease Classification - Vo, Kiet T. (et al.) - Pages 663-671
Statistical Deformable Model-Based Reconstruction of a Patient-Specific Surface Model from Single Standard X-ray Radiograph - Zheng, Guoyan - Pages 672-679
Plant Species Identification Using Multi-scale Fractal Dimension Applied to Images of Adaxial Surface Epidermis - Backes, André R. (et al.) - Pages 680-688
Fast Invariant Contour-Based Classification of Hand Symbols for HCI - Bader, Thomas (et al.) - Pages 689-696
Recognition of Simple 3D Geometrical Objects under Partial Occlusion - Barchunova, Alexandra (et al.) - Pages 697-704
Shape Classification Using a Flexible Graph Kernel - Dupé, François-Xavier (et al.) - Pages 705-713
Bio-inspired Approach for the Recognition of Goal-Directed Hand Actions - Fleischer, Falk (et al.) - Pages 714-722
Wide-Baseline Visible Features for Highly Dynamic Scene Recognition - Kawewong, Aram (et al.) - Pages 723-731
Jumping Emerging Substrings in Image Classification - Kobylinski, Lukasz (et al.) - Pages 732-739
Human Action Recognition Using LBP-TOP as Sparse Spatio-Temporal Feature Descriptor - Mattivi, Riccardo (et al.) - Pages 740-747
Contextual-Guided Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Multi-class Object Categorization - Mirza-Mohammadi, Mehdi (et al.) - Pages 748-756
Isometric Deformation Modelling for Object Recognition - Smeets, Dirk (et al.) - Pages 757-765
Image Categorization Based on a Hierarchical Spatial Markov Model - Wang, Lihua (et al.) - Pages 766-773
Soft Measure of Visual Token Occurrences for Object Categorization - Wang, Yanjie (et al.) - Pages 774-782
Indexing Large Visual Vocabulary by Randomized Dimensions Hashing for High Quantization Accuracy: Improving the Object Retrieval Quality - Yang, Heng (et al.) - Pages 783-790
Design of Clinical Support Systems Using Integrated Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine - Chen, Yung-Fu (et al.) - Pages 791-798
Decision Trees Using the Minimum Entropy-of-Error Principle - Sá, J. P. Marques (et al.) - Pages 799-807
k/K-Nearest Neighborhood Criterion for Improvement of Locally Linear Embedding - Eftekhari, Armin (et al.) - Pages 808-815
A Parameter Free Approach for Clustering Analysis - Huang, Haiqiao (et al.) - Pages 816-823
Fitting Product of HMM to Human Motions - Mendoza, M. Ángeles (et al.) - Pages 824-831
Reworking Bridging for Use within the Image Domain - Petersen, Henry (et al.) - Pages 832-839
Detection of Ambiguous Patterns Using SVMs: Application to Handwritten Numeral Recognition - Seijas, Leticia (et al.) - Pages 840-847
Accurate 3D Modelling by Fusion of Potentially Reliable Active Range and Passive Stereo Data - Chan, Yuk Hin (et al.) - Pages 848-855
Rapid Classification of Surface Reflectance from Image Velocities - Doerschner, Katja (et al.) - Pages 856-864
Structure-Preserving Regularisation Constraints for Shape-from-Shading - Huang, Rui (et al.) - Pages 865-872
3D Object Reconstruction Using Full Pixel Matching - Yaguchi, Yuichi (et al.) - Pages 873-880
Rapid Inference of Object Rigidity and Reflectance Using Optic Flow - Zang, Di (et al.) - Pages 881-888
On the Recovery of Depth from a Single Defocused Image - Zhuo, Shaojie (et al.) - Pages 889-897
Modelling Human Segmentation Trough Color and Space Analysis - Borràs, Agnés (et al.) - Pages 898-905
A Metric and Multiscale Color Segmentation Using the Color Monogenic Signal - Demarcq, Guillaume (et al.) - Pages 906-913
An Interactive Level Set Approach to Semi-automatic Detection of Features in Food Micrographs Impoco, Gaetano (et al.) - Pages 914-921
Shape Detection from Line Drawings by Hierarchical Matching - Liu, Rujie (et al.) - Pages 922-929
A Fast Level Set-Like Algorithm with Topology Preserving Constraint - Maška, Martin (et al.) - Pages 930-938
Significance Tests and Statistical Inequalities for Segmentation by Region Growing on Graph - Née, Guillaume (et al.) - Pages 939-946
Scale Space Hierarchy of Segments - Nishiguchi, Haruhiko (et al.) - Pages 947-954
Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Radial Reflection - Richtsfeld, Mario (et al.) - Pages 955-962
Locally Adaptive Speed Functions for Level Sets in Image Segmentation - Rink, Karsten (et al.) - Pages 963-970
Improving User Control with Minimum Involvement in User-Guided Segmentation by Image Foresting Transform - Spina, T. V. (et al.) - Pages 971-978
3D Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid - Torres, Fuensanta (et al.) - Pages 979-986
The Gabor-Based Tensor Level Set Method for Multiregional Image Segmentation - Wang, Bin (et al.) - Pages 987-994
Embedded Geometric Active Contour with Shape Constraint for Mass Segmentation - Wang, Ying (et al.) - Pages 995-1002
An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Graph-Based Image Segmentation - Wassenberg, Jan (et al.) - Pages 1003-1010
Coarse-to-Fine Tracking of Articulated Objects Using a Hierarchical Spring System - Artner, Nicole (et al.) - Pages 1011-1018
Cooperative Stereo Matching with Color-Based Adaptive Local Support - Brockers, Roland - Pages 1019-1027
Iterative Camera Motion and Depth Estimation in a Video Sequence - Dibos, Françoise (et al.) - Pages 1028-1035
Performance Prediction for Unsupervised Video Indexing - Ewerth, Ralph (et al.) - Pages 1036-1043
New Lane Model and Distance Transform for Lane Detection and Tracking - Jiang, Ruyi (et al.) - Pages 1044-1052
Real-Time Volumetric Reconstruction and Tracking of Hands in a Desktop Environment - John, Christoph (et al.) - Pages 1053-1060
Stereo Localization Using Dual PTZ Cameras - Kumar, Sanjeev (et al.) - Pages 1061-1069
Object Tracking in Video Sequences by Unsupervised Learning - Luque, R. M. (et al.) - Pages 1070-1077
A Third Eye for Performance Evaluation in Stereo Sequence Analysis - Morales, Sandino (et al.) - Pages 1078-1086
OIF - An Online Inferential Framework for Multi-object Tracking with Kalman Filter - Pathan, Saira Saleem (et al.) - Pages 1087-1095
Real-Time Stereo Vision: Making More Out of Dynamic Programming - Salmen, Jan (et al.) - Pages 1096-1103
Optic Flow Using Multi-scale Anchor Points - Dorst, Pieter (et al.) - Pages 1104-1112
A Methodology for Evaluating Illumination Artifact Removal for Corresponding Images - Vaudrey, Tobi (et al.) - Pages 1113-1121
Nonlinear Motion Detection - Wietzke, Lennart (et al.) - Pages 1122-1129
Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Binary Filter Response Pattern (BFRP) - Guo, Zhenhua (et al.) - Pages 1130-1137
Near-Regular Texture Synthesis - Haindl, Michal (et al.) - Pages 1138-1145
Texture Editing Using Frequency Swap Strategy - Haindl, Michal (et al.) - Pages 1146-1153
A Quantitative Evaluation of Texture Feature Robustness and Interpolation Behaviour - Thumfart, Stefan (et al.) - Pages 1154-1161
Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Visualization of Labeled Data - Bunte, Kerstin (et al.) - Pages 1162-1170
Performance Evaluation of Airport Lighting Using Mobile Camera Techniques - Chowdhury, Shyama Prosad (et al.) - Pages 1171-1178
Intelligent Video Surveillance for Detecting Snow and Ice Coverage on Electrical Insulators of Power Transmission Lines - Gu, Irene Y. H. (et al.) - Pages 1179-1187
Size from Specular Highlights for Analyzing Droplet Size Distributions - Jalba, Andrei C. (et al.) - Pages 1188-1195
Capturing Physiology of Emotion along Facial Muscles: A Method of Distinguishing Feigned from Involuntary Expressions - Khan, Masood Mehmood (et al.) - Pages 1196-1203
Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Using Digital Image Analysis Techniques - Liaw, Jiun-Jian (et al.) - Pages 1204-1211
Minimized Database of Unit Selection in Visual Speech Synthesis without Loss of Naturalness - Liu, Kang (et al.) - Pages 1212-1219
Analysis of Speed Sign Classification Algorithms Using Shape Based Segmentation of Binary Images - Muhammad, Azam Sheikh (et al.) - Pages 1220-1227
Using CCD Moiré Pattern Analysis to Implement Pressure-Sensitive Touch Surfaces - Tu, Tong (et al.) - Pages 1228-1235
Enhanced Landmine Detection from Low Resolution IR Image Sequences - Wang, Tiesheng (et al.) - Pages 1236-1244

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) - Volume 5702, Paperback, english, 1249 pages, incl. CD-ROM

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