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AI*IA 2016: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

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AI*IA 2016: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

XVth International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, Genova, Italy, November 29 - December 1, 2016, Proceedings
Giovanni Adorni, Stefano Cagnoni, Marco Gori, Marco Maratea (Eds.)

Table of Contents
Understanding Characteristics of Evolved Instances for State-of-the-Art Inexact TSP Solvers with Maximum Performance Difference - pages 3-12 Bossek, Jakob (et al.)
On-line Dynamic Station Redeployments in Bike-Sharing Systems - pages  13-25 Manna, Carlo
Optimized Word-Size Time Series Representation Method Using a Genetic Algorithm with a Flexible Encoding Scheme - pages 26-34 Muhammad Fuad, Muhammad Marwan
Efficient Search of Relevant Structures in Complex Systems - pages 35-48 Sani, Laura (et al.)
Flat and Hierarchical Classifiers for Detecting Emotion in Tweets - pages 51-64 Angiani, Giulio (et al.)
Spam Filtering Using Regularized Neural Networks with Rectified Linear Units - pages 65-75 Barushka, Aliaksandr (et al.)
User Mood Tracking for Opinion Analysis on Twitter - pages 76-88 Castellucci, Giuseppe (et al.)
Using Random Forests for the Estimation of Multiple Users’ Visual Focus of Attention from Head Pose - pages 89-102 Rossi, Silvia (et al.)
An Analytic Study of Opinion Dynamics in Multi-agent Systems with Additive Random Noise - pages 105-117 Monica, Stefania (et al.)
Combining Avoidance and Imitation to Improve Multi-agent Pedestrian Simulation - pages 118-132 Crociani, Luca (et al.)
Educational Concept Maps for Personalized Learning Path Generation - pages 135-148 Adorni, Giovanni (et al.)
Answer Set Enumeration via Assumption Literals - pages 149-163 Alviano, Mario (et al.)
On the Application of Answer Set Programming to the Conference Paper Assignment Problem   pages 164-178 Amendola, Giovanni (et al.)
A Subdivision Approach to the Solution of Polynomial Constraints over Finite Domains Using the Modified Bernstein Form - pages 179-191 Bergenti, Federico (et al.)
I-DLV: The New Intelligent Grounder of DLV - pages 192-207 Calimeri, Francesco (et al.)
Abducing Compliance of Incomplete Event Logs - pages 208-222 Chesani, Federico (et al.)
Boosting the Development of ASP-Based Applications in Mobile and General Scenarios - pages 223-236 Calimeri, Francesco (et al.)
Relationships and Events: Towards a General Theory of Reification and Truthmaking - pages 237-249 Guarino, Nicola (et al.)
A Self-Adaptive Context-Aware Group Recommender System - pages 250-265 Khoshkangini, Reza (et al.)
A Model+Solver Approach to Concept Learning - pages 266-279 Lisi, Francesca Alessandra
A Comparative Study of Inductive and Transductive Learning with Feedforward Neural Networks - pages 283-293 Bianchini, Monica (et al.)
Structural Knowledge Extraction from Mobility Data - pages 294-307 Cottone, Pietro (et al.)
Predicting Process Behavior in WoMan - pages 308-320 Ferilli, Stefano (et al.)
On-line Learning on Temporal Manifolds - pages 321-333 Maggini, Marco (et al.)
Learning and Reasoning with Logic Tensor Networks - pages 334-348 Serafini, Luciano (et al.)
Probabilistic Logical Inference on the Web - pages 351-363 Alberti, Marco (et al.)
Probabilistic Hybrid Knowledge Bases Under the Distribution Semantics - pages 364-376 Alberti, Marco (et al.)
Context-Awareness for Multi-sensor Data Fusion in Smart Environments - pages 377-391 De Paola, Alessandra (et al.)
Reasoning about Multiple Aspects in Rational Closure for DLs - pages 392-405 Gliozzi, Valentina
A Framework for Automatic Population of Ontology-Based Digital Libraries - pages 406-417 Pandolfo, Laura (et al.)
Reasoning About Surprising Scenarios in Description Logics of Typicality - pages 418-432 Pozzato, Gian Luca
A Resource-Driven Approach for Anchoring Linguistic Resources to Conceptual Spaces - pages 435-449 Lieto, Antonio (et al.)
Analysis of the Impact of Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics for Semantic Textual Similarity - pages 450-463 Magnolini, Simone (et al.)
QuASIt: A Cognitive Inspired Approach to Question Answering for the Italian Language - pages 464-476 Pipitone, Arianna (et al.)
Spoken Language Understanding for Service Robotics in Italian - pages 477-489 Vanzo, Andrea (et al.)
DARDIS: Distributed And Randomized DIspatching and Scheduling - pages 493-507 Bridi, Thomas (et al.)
Steps in Assessing a Timeline-Based Planner - pages  508-522 Umbrico, Alessandro (et al.)
Learning for Verification in Embedded Systems: A Case Study - pages 525-538 Khalili, Ali (et al.)
Learning in Physical Domains: Mating Safety Requirements and Costly Sampling - pages 539-552 Leofante, Francesco (et al.)

Notes in Computer Science - Volume 10037

Springer, Paperback, english, 554 pages

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