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Sound carrier grading

Apesound sound carrier grading

Vinyl grading

We inspect our records, to allow you a pleasant shopping and we want you to enable to assess the condition better. We therefore assess each article in order to describe potential adverse effects of the sound, as they may occur in used items. We examine the record visually. Unfortunately, an interception of the record is not possible for us. We examine the surface, whether it shows traces. Even hairline scratches are detected and are included in the assessment. We also examine, if the label shows traces as they arise, when the record is brought to the center of the plate. The cover of the audio medium is also examined, and if it is significantly different from the state description of the record, it will also be rated.

  • still sealed - still sealed virgin material
  • near mint (nm) - the record looks, like as it is in an almost new condition
  • excellent (exc) - the record does not look like new anymore. But that does not mean that it has audiable impairments
  • very good (vg) - the record looks like it has been played and has hairline scratches, which may be audible.
  • good (g) - with this quality level the bad disks begin. They are probably played on average. Scratches and noise are expected to be clearly audible.

CD grading

We sell new and used CDs. The used CDs are checked by us manually. So at Apesound you receive only carefully tested and fully functional second hand items. If there are slight imperfections concerning the booklet, the CD is marked as good or acceptable.

  • New - still sealed - still sealed virgin material
  • New - virgin material
  • Used - very good - Carefully tested and fully functional CD
  • Used - good - Carefully tested and fully functional CD with significant signs of wear
  • Used - acceptable - Carefully tested and fully functional CD with shortages or scribed covers.
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