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Sándor Lakatos and his Gypsy Band - Gypsy Virtuoso CD

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Sándor Lakatos and his Gypsy Band - Gypsy Virtuoso CD

Virtuoz csardas (Virtuoso Csardas)
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: Le carnaval de Venise, op. 18 
Fritz Kreisler: Serenade in A Major
Sandor Lakatos: A pasztor horaja (The Shepherd's Hora)
Sandor Lakatos: A fulemule (The Nightingale)
Traditional: Nem vagyok en sekinek se adosa (I do not owe a thing to anybody)
Georges Boulanger: Elhagyatva - trillas hora (Abandoned - Hora with trills)
Nicolo Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. 1: No. 24 in A Minor
Antal Gyorgy Csermak: Diszpalotas (Stately palotas dance)
Sandor Lakatos: Notacsokor fantazia (Song Medley Fantasy)
Sandor Lakatos: Abrandozo hegedu (Dreamy Violin)
Traditional: Madocsai verbunkos es friss (Madocsa Verbunkos and Quick Dance)
Hullamzo Balaton - fantazia (Rolling Balaton - Fantasy)
Traditional: Repulj fecskem (Fly My Swallow)
Aladar Varady: Ha madarka szall az agra (Birdie on the Branch)
Traditional: Racz Laci notai - Lassu csardas - Ordog csardas (Laci Racz's Tunes - Slow Csardas - Devil Csardas)
Sandor Deki Lakatos: Emlek (Memory)
Traditional: Lujza csardas
Traditional: Emlek es friss (Memory and Quick Dance)
Georges Boulanger: Hora
Sandor Lakatos: Variacio fantazia (Variation Fantasy)
Armond Angyal: 6 Nap ota szol a nota (For 6 days now the band has played)
Traditional: Regi notacsokor es csardas (Medley of Old Songs and Csardas)

Hungaroton Records, Total Time 72:10 

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