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The Revolutionary Hymns 2 CDs

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The Revolutionary Hymns 2 CDs

CD One
The Black Voices - Listen
The Last Poets - Black is Chant
Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra - Introduction
The Last Poets - Pretty Nigger
Max Roach - Man from South Africa
The Last Poets - Hands Off
Archie Shepp - Pickaninny
The Black Voices - I'll stop calling you Niggers
The Black Voices - Clowns all around
Albert Ayler - Change has come
The Last Poets - Black Wish
Charles Mingus - Freedom
The Last Poets - It's a Trip
Archie Shepp - I got it bad and that ain't good
The Last Poets - When the Revolution Comes
Max Roach - Lonesome Lover
The Last Poets - On the Subway
Ornette Coleman - Sadness

CD Two
The Black Voices - Listen
The Last Poets - Run Nigger
Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra - We shall overcome
The Last Poets - Wake Up, Niggers
Max Roach - It's Time
The Last Poets - Niggers are scared of Revolution
The Black Voices - They shot him
Archie Shepp - Attica Blues
The Last Poets - Just because
Charlie Haden - Liberation Orchestra - Song for Che
The Black Voices - The Meek
Albert Ayler - Holy Ghost
The Last Poets - Birds Words
The Black Voices - Nearer my God to thee
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
The Last Poets - Jazz it

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