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Pleasures & Torments CD

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Pleasures & Torments CD

Songs by Henry Purcell & John Blow

Blow: Lovely Selina 2:26
Purcell: Oedipus, King of Thebes, Z. 583: Music for a while 3:24 
Nicola Matteis: Sett of Ayres for Guitar: Aria No. 3 1:42
Purcell: Not all my torments can your pity move, Z400 2:32 
Purcell: The Prophetess, or The History of Dioclesian, Z. 627: Since from my dear Astrea's Sight 3:03
Nicola Matteis: Sett of Ayres for Guitar: Aria No. 5 1:55
Purcell: If music be the food of love, Z379 1:52
Purcell: The Indian Queen, Z. 630, Act III: I Attempt from Love's Sickness 1:33
Purcell: Oh! Fair Cedaria, hide those eyes, Z. 402 3:49
Nicola Matteis: Sett of Ayres for Guitar 3:11
Nicola Matteis: Preludio 0:52
Nicola Matteis: Aria No. 1 2:19
Purcell: I take no pleasure in the sun's bright beams, Z388 1:57
Purcell: The Virtuous Wife, Z. 611: IV. Air (arr. for lute) 0:58
Blow: The Self-Banish'd 1:30
Blow: We all to conqu'ring beauty bow (The Perfection) 2:12
Blow: Fairest work of happy Nature - song with theorbo 4:06
Vegard Lund: Improvisation 1:28
Purcell: The fatal hour comes on apace, Z421 3:30
Purcell: She loves and she confesses too, Z413 2:16
Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z. 629: II. Hornpipe (arr. for lute) 1:06
Purcell: The Mock Marriage, Z. 605 (arr. for tenor and lute) 2:04 
Purcell:  The Mock Marriage, Z. 605: No. 2. 'Twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town 2:04
Nicola Matteis: Sett of Ayres for Guitar: Aria No. 2 1:34
Purcell: Minuet in G major, Z. 651 0:56 
Blow: No more the dear, the lovely nymph 2:48
Purcell: An Evening Hymn 'Now that the sun hath veiled his light', Z193 3:34

Johan Linderoth (tenor), Vegard Lund (lute)

Euterpe Musica, Total Time 55.42

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