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Flute XXth Century Vol. 2 CD

Product number: 600554770222


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Flute XXth Century Vol. 2 CD

1 Bruno Maderna - Musica Su Due Dimensioni, for Flute & magnetic Tape 7:30
2 Jean-Claude Risset - Passages, for Flute & magnetic Tape 14:08
3 Aldo Clementi - Passacaglia, for Flute & magnetic Tape 12:02
4 Franco Donatoni - Midi, for Solo Flute 10:21
5 Mario Cesa - MusGesTea, for Solo Flute 7:43
6 Gianvincenzo Cresta - Sospesi Anonimi, Disderedati, Poeti, for Flute, Live Electronics & magnetic Tape 7:02
7 Toshio Hosokawa - Vertical Song I for Solo Flute 7:16
8 Alessandro Grego - Persistenza Della Memoria Ovvero, "Non Si Può Entrare Nel Delirio Con L'Orologio!", for Flute Iperbasso, Live Electronics & magnetic Tape 8:10

Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Alvise Vidolin (live electronics)

Arts Records, Total Time 74:09

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