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Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) • Hubicka 3 LP-Box

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Grading: near mint

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Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) • Hubicka 3 LP-Box

Hubicka (The Kiss), opera, JB 1:104
Act 1

Scene 1.: 'Vendulka! Vendulka!' 
Scene 2.: 'They're coming' 
Scene 3.: 'Good evening!' 
Scene 4.: 'My dearest one!' - 'Behold! They start to quarrel now.'- 'Let us drink now to their health' 
Scene 5.: 'Never, never in my despair' - 'Evening sky sheds in its light' - 'Till the wedding shall I wait?'- 'I only want to kiss'
Scene 6.: 'What I've foreseen' 
Scene 7.: 'Where's he going?'- 'How could he ever forget our love' - 'I'm my dear girl, old by now' - 'Sleep now, my baby dear'- 'There was a white dove'
Scene 8.: 'What a shame 'tis!'- 'Play musicians, play a jump dance''
Scene 9.: 'Shameless! A boy would feel ashamed'
Act 2.
Scene 1.: 'Let's go!'
Scene 2.: 'I'm miserable!'- 'If I Knew how to redeem my guilt'
Scene 3.: 'What a wild chase!' - 'Just go and pray, you foolish man'
Scene 4.: 'Ha, ha, you've Lukás, such trouble'
Scene 5.: 'What a dark wood!' - 'O, why ever did I believe foolishly'
Scene 6.: 'Vendulka, dear, tell me quickly' - Scene 6.: 'Well did he show to you'
Scene 7.: 'O, I'm breathless, o, I hurry!' - Scene 7.: 'Herald, skylark, herald'
Scene 8.: 'Look, Matous, Lukás and our farmer!'- 'O, yes, o, yes, I forgive you, young ma
Scene 9.: 'It's he!- It's she!'- 'All the strife is over'

Sbor & Orchestr Opery Statniho Divadla v Brne, Josef Pancik (choir master), Frantisek Vajnar (conductor), Eva Depoltova et al.

Supraphon Records, contains Booklet

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