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William Byrd (1543-1623) - Missa in tempore paschali CD

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William Byrd (1543-1623) - Missa in tempore paschali CD

In Tempore Paschali (Mass A 5) (18:18)
1.1 Introit: Resurrexi
1.2 Gradual And Alleluia: Hæc Dies
1.3 Sequence: Victimæ Paschali Laudes
1.4 Offertory: Terra Tremuit
1.5 Communion: Pascha Nostrum
Regina Cæli (6:41)
2 Regina Cæli (Motet A 3)
In Assumpyione Beatæ Mariæ Virginis (16:49)
3.1 Introit: Gaudeamus Omnes
3.2 Gradual And Alleluia: Propter Veritatem
3.3 Offertory: Assumpta Est Maria
3.4 Communion: Optimam Partem
Ave Regina Cælorum (4:31)
4 Ave Regina Cælorum (Antiphon A 4)
Salve Regina (5:00)
5 Salve Regina (Antiphon A 4)

Chanticleer (Baritone: Michael Noland, Mitchell Sandler - Bass: Kevin Freemen, Mark Keller, Paul Guttry - Countertenor: Johnson Flucker, Joseph Jennings, Luis Botto, Steven Rickards - Tenor: Bruce Sellers, Mark Daniel, Neal Rogers)

Harmonia Mundi, Total Time: 51'58

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