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The Hamster • Reproduction and Behavior

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The Hamster • Reproduction and Behavior

Edited by Harold I. Siegel

Table of Contents
History of the Capture and Domestication of the Syrian Golden Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus Waterhouse) Pages 3-20 Murphy, Michael R.
The Estrous Cycle Pages 23-51 Lisk, Robert D.
Endocrinology of the Pregnant Hamster Pages 53-72 Greenwald, Gilbert S.
Male Hamster Reproductive Endocrinology Pages 73-98 Bartke, Andrzej
Pineal—Reproductive Interactions Pages 99-118 Reiter, Russel J.
Communication Pages 121-154 Johnston, Robert E.
Sexual Differentiation and Development Pages 155-171 Clemens, Lynwood G. (et al.)
Female Sexual Behavior Pages 173-189 Carter, C. Sue
Male Sexual Behavior Pages 191-206 Siegel, Harold I.
Parental Behavior Pages 207-228 Siegel, Harold I.
Neural Basis of Reproductive Behavior Pages 229-259 Malsbury, Charles W. (et al.)
Aggressive Behavior Pages 261-286 Siegel, Harold I.
Behavioral Development in the Syrian Golden Hamster Pages 289-321 Schoenfeld, Thomas A. (et al.)
Biological Rhythms Pages 323-361 Morin, Lawrence P.
Regulation of Energy Balance in the Golden Hamster Pages 363-408 Borer, Katarina T.
Visual and Somatosensory Processes Pages 409-433 Finlay, Barbara L. (et al.)

Plenum, Paperback, english, 440 pages

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