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Stochastic Games and Applications

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Stochastic Games and Applications

Edited by Abraham Neyman and Sylvain Sorin
This volume is based on lectures given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Stochastic Games and Applications," which took place at Stony Brook, NY, USA, July 1999.

Stochastic Games - Shapley, L. S. - pages 1-7
From Markov Chains to Stochastic Games - Neyman, Abraham - pages 9-25
Classification and Basic Tools - Sorin, Sylvain - pages 27-36
Stochastic Games and Stationary Strategies - Vrieze, O. J. - pages 37-50
Discounted Stochastic Games: The Finite Case - Sorin, Sylvain - pages 51-55
Real Algebraic Tools in Stochastic Games - Neyman, Abraham - pages 57-75
Zero-Sum Stochastic Games with Borel State Spaces - Nowak, Andrzej S. - pages 77-91
N—Person Stochastic Games: Extensions of the Finite State Space Case and Correlation - Nowak, Andrzej S. - pages 93-106
A Measurable “Measurable Choice” Theorem - Mertens, Jean-François - pages 107-130
Equilibria for Discounted Stochastic Games - Mertens, Jean-François (et al.) - pages 131-172
Stochastic Games: Existence of the Minmax - Neyman, Abraham - pages 173-193
The Big Match and the Paris Match - Thuijsman, Frank - pages 195-204
Repeated Games with Absorbing States - Thuijsman, Frank - pages 205-213
Stochastic Games, Practical Motivation and the Orderfield Property for Special Classes - Vrieze, O. J. - pages 215-225
Finite-Step Algorithms for Single-Controller and Perfect Information Stochastic Games - Raghavan, T. E. S. - pages 227-251
Recursive Games - Thuijsman, Frank - pages 253-264
Perturbations of Markov Chains with Applications to Stochastic Games - Solan, Eilon - pages 265-280
Two-Player Non-Zero-Sum Games: A Reduction - Vieille, Nicolas - pages 281-292
On a Class of Recursive Games - Vieille, Nicolas - pages 293-307
Uniform Equilibrium: More than Two Players - Solan, Eilon - pages 309-321
Symmetric Incomplete Information Games as Stochastic Games - Sorin, Sylvain - pages 323-334
Absorbing Games with a Signalling Structure - Coulomb, Jean-Michel - pages 335-355
Stochastic Games with Lim Sup Payoff - Maitra, A. (et al.) - pages 357-366
Stochastic Games with Borel Payoffs - Maitra, A. (et al.) - pages 367-373
Stochastic Games with Incomplete Information - Sorin, Sylvain - pages 375-395
Stochastic Games and Nonexpansive Maps - Neyman, Abraham - pages 397-415
The Operator Approach to Zero-Sum Stochastic Games - Sorin, Sylvain - pages 417-426
Games with a Recursive Structure - Coulomb, Jean-Michel - pages 427-442
Stochastic Games in Economics: The Lattice-Theoretic Approach - Amir, Rabah - pages 443-453
Stochastic Games in Economics and Related Fields: An Overview - Amir, Rabah - pages 455-470

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Nato Science Series - Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Softcover, 473 pages

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