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Proceedings of the Second Conference on Compact Transformation Groups

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Proceedings of the Second Conference on Compact Transformation Groups

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1971: Part 1

Invariants for semi-free s1-actions - Kawakubo, Katsuo - Seiten 1-13
Topological s1 and Z2k actions on spheres - Kawakubo, K. - Seiten 14-18
Characteristic invariants of free differentiable actions of S1 and S3 on homotopy spheres - Ku, Hsu-Tung (et al.) - Seiten 19-40
Differentiable pseudo-free circle actions on homotopy seven spheres - ontgomery, Deane (et al.) - Seiten 41-101
Semifree circle actions with twisted fixed point sets - Schultz, Reinhard - Seiten 102-116
Z2-torus actions on homotopy spheres - Schultz, Reinhard - Seiten 117-118
Free and semi-free smooth actions of S1 and S3 on homotopy spheres - Wang, Kai - Seiten 119-130
Cobordism of involutions revisited - Boardman, J. M. - Seiten 131-151
Bemerkungen über äquivariante Euler-Klassen - Tom Dieck, Tammo - Seiten 152-162
Existence of fixed points - Tom Dieck, Tammo - Seiten 163-169
Cobordism of line bundles with restricted characteristic class - Giambalvo, V. - Seiten 170-171
Unitary bordism of monogenic groups and isometries - Hamrick, Gary (et al.) - Seiten 172-182
Quillen's theorem for MU - Lazarov, Connor - Seiten 183-190
Equivariant characteristic numbers - Lee, Chung N. (et al.) - Seiten 191-216
Cobordism of diffeomorphisms of (k-1)-connected 2k-manifolds - Lopez de Medrano, Santiago - Seiten 217-227
The index of manifolds with toral actions and geometric interpretations of the s(8, (S1, Mn)) invariant of atiyah and singer - Kawakubo, Katsuo (et al.) - Seiten 228-233
Involutions on homotopy complex projective spaces and related topics - Petrie, Ted - Seiten 234-259
On the homology of weighted homogeneous manifolds - Orlik, Peter - Seiten 260-269
Equivariant resolution of singularities with C* action - Orlik, Peter (et al.) - Seiten 270-290
Strange circle actions on products of odd dimensional spheres, and rational homotopy - Bredon, Glen E. - Seiten 291-299
Examples of actions on manifolds almost diffeomorphic to Vn+1,2 - Davis, Michael - Seiten 300-313
On unitary and sympletic knot manifolds - Erle, Dieter - Seiten 314-315
A classification of 6-manifolds with free S1 actions - Goldstein, Richard Z. (et al.) - Seiten 316-323
SU(n) actions on manifolds with vanishing first and second integral pontrjagin classes - Grove, Edward Andrew - Seiten 324-333
On the splitting principle and the geometric weight system of topological transformation groups I - Hsiang, Wu-yi - Seiten 334-402
Equivariant singular homology and cohomology for actions of compact lie groups - Illman, Sören - Seiten 403-415
Cyclic branched covers and o(n)-manifolds - Kauffman, Louis - Seiten 416-429
Degree of symmetry of closed manifolds - Ku, H. T. (et al.) - Seiten 430-436
Transfer homomorphisms of whitehead groups of some cyclic groups, II - Kwun, Kyung Whan - Seiten 437-440
Surgery on four-manifolds and topological transformation groups - Shaneson, Julius L. - Seiten 441-453

Lecture Notes in Mathematics - Volume 298

Springer, Paperback, english, 453 pages

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