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Photosynthesis and the Environment

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Photosynthesis and the Environment

Edited by Neil R. Baker
Photosynthesis and the Environment examines how photosynthesis may be influenced by environmental changes. Structural and functional aspects of the photosynthetic apparatus are examined in the context of responses to environmental stimuli; particular attention being given to the processing of light energy by thylakoids, metabolic regulation, gas exchange and source-sink relations. The roles of developmental and genetic responses in determining photosynthetic performance are also considered. The complexity of the responses to environmental change is demonstrated by detailed analyses of the effects of specific environmental variables (light, temperature, water, CO2, ozone and UV-B) on photosynthetic performance. Where appropriate attention is given to recent developments in the techniques used for studying photosynthetic activities.
The book is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and a wide range of scientists with research interests in environmental effects on photosynthesis and plant productivity.

Table of Contents
1. Processing of Excitation Energy by Antenna Pigments; T.G. Owens.
2. Control and Measurement of Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Vivo; D.M. Kramer, A.R. Crofts.
3. Regulation of Light Utilization for Photosynthetic Electron Transport; B. Genty, J. Harbinson.
4. Mechanisms of Photo Damage and Protein Degradation During Photoinhibition of Photosystem II; B. Andersson, J. Barber.
5. Radical Production and Scavenging in the Chloroplasts; K. Asado.
6. Metabolic Regulation of Photosynthesis; M. Stitt.
7. Carbon Metabolism and Photorespiration: Temperature Dependence in Relation to Other Environmental Factors; R.C. Leegood, G.E. Edwards.
8. Gas Exchange: Models and Measurements; J.M. Cheeseman, M. Lexa.
9. Stomata: Biophysical and Biochemical Aspects; W.H. Outlaw, Jr., et al.
10. Source-Sink Relations: The Role of Sucrose; C.J. Pollock, J.F. Farrar.
11. Developmental Constraints on Photosynthesis: Effects of Light and Nutrition; J.R. Evans.
12. Molecular Biological Approaches to Environmental Effects on Photosynthesis; C.A. Raines, J.C. Lloyd.
13. Photosynthesis in Fluctuating Light Environments; R.W. Pearcy, et al.
14. Leaf Photosynthesis Under Drought Stress; G. Cornic, A. Massacci.
15. Photosynthetic Adjustment to Temperature; S. Falk, et al.
16. Photosynthetic Responses to Changing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration; G. Bowes.
17. The Modification of Photosynthetic Capacity Induced by Ozone Exposure; R.L. Heath.
18. Ultraviolet-B Radiation and Photosynthesis; A.H. Teramura, L.H. Ziska.
19. Evaluation and Integration of Environmental Stress Using Stable Isotopes; H. Griffiths.
20. Environmental Constraints on Photosynthesis: An Overview of Some Future Prospects; N.R. Baker.

Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration - Volume 5

Kluwer Academix Publishers, Hardback, english, 491 pages

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