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Medieval Studies Conference Aachen 1983

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Medieval Studies Conference Aachen 1983

Language and Literature
Wolf-Dietrich Bald,? Horst Weinstock (Editors)

In six sections, specialists from different countries report on their research in Old English, Middle English, and Early Modern English, including a paper on runes. In each of the three language periods both the language and the literature of the age are the object of study, and the topics range from philological and editorial problems, questions of lexicology, and of linguistic structure, to new approaches to the evaluation and interpretation of literature.

Source, lexis, and edition - Cross, James E.. • S. 25-36
Runic mythology: the legacy of the futhark - Elliott, Ralph Warren Victor. • S. 37-50
Leiden revisited: further thoughts on the text of the Leiden riddle - Gerritsen, Johan. • S. 51-59
Blickling Homily XVI and the dating of Beowulf - Collins, Rowland Lee. • S. 61-69
Contiguity and similarity in the Beowulf digressions - Diller, Hans-Jürgen. • S. 71-83
Chaucer's "armee": its French ancestors and its English posterity - Kuhn, Sherman McAllister. • S. 85-102
The language of the Wyclif Bible - Lindberg, Conrad. • S. 103-110
Chaucer and character - Hussey, Stanley S.. • S. 121-130
The growth of Criseyde's love - Ap Roberts, Robert P.. • S. 131-141
Form and functions of one: diachronic aspects - Bald, Wolf-Dietrich. • S. 143-153
Aspects of the great vowel shift - Weinstock, Horst. • S. 155-168
The literary relations of William Dunbar Ridley, Florence H.. • S. 169-184 Buchbeitrag The medievalizing of the Ars memorativa - Rowland, Beryl B.. • S. 197-203
My fair lady: parody in fifteenth-century English lyrics - Stemmler, Theo. • S. 205-213

Bamberger Beiträge zur Englischen Sprachwissenschaft / Bamberg Studies in English Linguistics - Volume 15

Peter Lang, Paperback, english, 243 pages

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