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Justice and Memory • Confronting traumatic pasts

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Justice and Memory • Confronting traumatic pasts

Confronting traumatic pasts. An international comparison
Ruth Wodak, Gertraud Auer Borea d'Olmo (eds.)

Every society must cope with traumatic pasts. The many ways in which societies cope with the past(s) form part of the „politics of the past“: history is thus continuously reformulated ex post facto and presented as a seemingly coherent narrative related to specific (hegemonic) interests.

Introdution: Ruth Wodak,? Gertraud Auer Borea
A Look at Vienna, 1938: Gitta Sereny
From Collective Violence to a Common Future: Four Models for Dealing with a Traumatic Past: Aleida Assmann
Justice, Truth, and Peace. Three Dimensions of Consequences: Anton Pelinka
Transforming the Holocaust. Remarks after the Beginning of the 21st Century: Dirk Rupnow 
Historical Scholarship, Politics of the Public Past and (Semi-) Private Memory: Mitchell G. Ash
Considering the Violence of Voicelessness: Censorship and Self-censorship Related to the South African TRC Process: Christine Anthonissen
Dealing with the Past in Spain. Between Amnesia and Collective Memory: Walther L. Bernecker
The Polish Debate Around Fear by Jan Tomasz Gross from the Perspective of the Intermediary Discourse Analysis: Marek Czyzewski
Resolving Antagonistic Tensions. Some Discourse Analytic Reflections on Verbal Commemorative Practices: Titus Ensink 
Restitution: Yes, but . . .: Rudolf de Cillia and Ruth Wodak
Spoken Silences - Bridging Breaks. The Discursive Construction of Historical Continuities and TurningPoints in Austrian Commemorative Speeches by Employing Rhetorical Tropes: Martin Reisigl
Images of the "Other" and Danish Politics of the Past: Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia and the Dream of Homogeneity: Thorsten Wagner
The Legacies of the Holocaust in Scandinavian Small State Foreign Policy: Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke
Two Sides of the Coin: Clean Break and Usable History. The Case of Hungary: Andrâs Kovâcs
Confronting War Crimes of the Wehrmacht: Walter Manoschek
Israel's Prenatal Memory: Born 1948 - Traumatised 1938: Moshe Zimmermann

Passagen Verlag, Passagen Gesellschaft, Paperback, english, 326 pages

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