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Christoph Arndt • Information Measures

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Christoph Arndt • Information Measures

Information And Its Description In Science And Engineering
This book is an introduction to the mathematical description of information in science and engineering. The necessary mathematical theory will be treated in a more vivid way than in the usual theorem-proof structure. This enables the reader to develop an idea of the connections between different information measures and to understand the trains of thoughts in their derivation. As there exist a great number of different possible ways to describe information, these measures are presented in a coherent manner. Some examples of the information measures examined are: Shannon information, applied in coding theory; Akaike information criterion, used in system identification to determine auto-regressive models and in neural networks to identify the number of neu-rons; and Cramer-Rao bound or Fisher information, describing the minimal variances achieved by unbiased estimators. This softcover edition addresses researchers and students in electrical engineering, particularly in control and communications, physics, and applied mathematics.

Table of Contents
Abstract - pages 1-6
Introduction - pages 7-21
Basic considerations - pages 23-45
Historic development of information theory - pages 47-84
The concept of entropy in physics - pages 85-132
Extension of Shannon’s information - pages 133-177
Generalized entropy measures - pages 179-195
Information functions and gaussian distributions - pages 197-206
Shannon’s information of discrete probability distributions - pages 207-225
Information functions for gaussian distributions part II - pages 227-260
Bounds of the variance - pages 261-326
Ambiguity function - pages 327-346
Akaike’s information criterion - pages 347-361
Channel information - pages 363-398
‘Deterministic’ and stochastic information - pages 399-431
Maximum entropy estimation - pages 433-462
Concluding remarks - pages 463-473
Appendix - pages 475-517
Bibliography - pages 519-543

Signals and Communication Technology

Springer, Paperback, english, 547 pages, makuliertes Bibliotheksexemplar, innen sehr gut - ex-library-copy

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