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Bäcklund Transformations

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Bäcklund Transformations

Bäcklund Transformations, the Inverse Scattering Method, Solitons, and Their Applications: Nsf Research Workshop On Contact Transformations
Edited by A. Dold and B. Eckmann

Table of Contents

Introduction - Miura, Robert M. - Seiten 1-11
Experiments on solitary waves - Lonngren, Karl E. - Seiten 12-24
Stimulated Raman and Brillouin scattering and the inverse method - Chu, Flora Ying Fun - Seiten 25-39
Direct method of finding exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations - Hirota, Ryogo - Seiten 40-68
Bäcklund transformations at the turn of the century - Lamb, George L., Jr. - Seiten 69-79
The application of Bäcklund transforms to physical problems - Scott, Alwyn C. - Seiten 80-105
On applications of generalized Bäcklund transformations to continuum mechanics - Rogers, Colin - Seiten 106-135
Some old and new techniques for the practical use of exterior differential forms - Estabrook, Frank B. - Seiten 136-161
Bäcklund transformation of potentials of the Korteweg-devries equation and the interaction of solitons with cnoidal waves - Wahlquist, Hugo D. - Seiten 162-183
Pseudopotentials and their applications - Corones, James P. (et al.) - Seiten 184-198
Variational problems and Bäcklund transformations associated with the sine-gordon and Korteweg-deVries equations and their extensions - Rund, Hanno - Seiten 199-226
The interrelation between Bäcklund transformations and the inverse scattering transform - Newell, Alan C. - Seiten 227-240
Relation between Bäcklund transformations and inverse scattering problems - Chen, Hsing-Hen -Seiten 241-252
Some comments on Bäcklund transformations, canonical transformations, and the inverse scattering method - Flaschka, Hermann (et al.) - Seiten 253-295

Lecture Notes In Mathematics - Volume 515

Springer, Paperback, english, 295 pages

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