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Russia • Continuity and Change

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Russia • Continuity and Change

Gerald Hinteregger & Hans-Georg Heinrich (editors)
Russia has lived through years of radical change. This book provides a multidisciplinary analysis of developments in Russia since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It offers new insights into recent developments and possible future trends in Russia which, for many observers in the "West”, remains the big enigmatic neighbour in the "East”. Numerous researchers and diplomats from Austria and Russia have contributed to this volume. Key subjects are internal Russian politics, economic developments, social issues and regional particularities in the Russian Federation. Russia’s relations with the "Near Abroad”, the EU and the World form another important part of this practice-oriented analysis. A source of information for leaders in politics, the business community as well as to the media.

Europainstitut Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Schriftenreihe - Band 24 / Europainstitut Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Publication Series - Volume 24

Springer, 549 pages

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