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Dagmar Peckova: Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) - Songs CD

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Dagmar Peckova: Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) - Songs CD

In Folk Tone, op. 73 (B. 146)
1  I. Good night, Lento 3:16
2 II. There was a girl she mowed the grass, Allegretto 2:13
3 III. Oh there is nothing left, Andante 3:30
4 IV. I have a horse oh so fine, Allegretto 2:15 
Gipsy Songs, On text by Adolf Heyduk, op. 55 (B. 104)
5 I. My song resounds with love again, Moderato 2:47
6 II. Hey! How wondrously my triangle does sound, Allegro 1:16
7 III. And the woods silent all around, Moderato 2:43
8 IV. Songs my mother taught me, Andante con moto 2:25
9 V. The string are tuned, my lad, time to dance and reel, Allegretto 1:09
10 VI. Wide sleeves and loose trousers suit better to the gipsy, Poco allegro 1:40
11 VII. Give the proud hawk a cage of pure gold, Allegro 2:06 
Love Songs, op. 83 (B. 160)
12 I. The happy flower unfurls not that's long our love's desire, Andante 1:52
13 II. Death dwells in many a human heart, Moderato 2:31
14 III. Now as by that house I tread, Allegretto 1:26
15 IV. I know that in sweet hopfulness my love may I give thee, Poco sostenuto 2:39
16 V. Over the land reigns a peaceful repose, Allegretto grazioso 2:04
17 VI. Lonely in the wood I stand, by the rushing brook, Andante 2:15
18 VII. In the sweet power of thine eyes, Andante 2:13
19 VIII. My Only Dear One, My Dear Love, Poco Lento 2:00 
Biblical Songs, On text by Bible of Kralice, op. 99
20 I. Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him, Andantino 2:04
21 II. Lord my shield, my refuge and hope art Thou, Andante 2:08
22 III. Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord my God, Andante 3:03
23 IV. Oh, my shepherd is the Lord, Andante 2:57
24 V. Songs of gladness will I sing Thee, Risoluto maestoso 2:42
25 VI. Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry, Andante 3:09
26 VII. By the shore of the river Babylon, Andante 3:11
27 VIII. Oh, Lord, Have Mercy And Turn Thou Thy Face To Me, Andante 2:54
28 IX. My eyes will I to the hills lift up, Andante con moto 2:10
29 X. Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song, Allegro moderato 1:55

Dagmar Peckova (mezzo-soprano), Irwin Gage (piano)

Supraphon Records, Total Time 68:48

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