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Soeur Marie Keyrouz - Chant Traditionnel Maronite CD

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Soeur Marie Keyrouz - Chant Traditionnel Maronite CD

Chant traditionnel maronite features musicologist and singer Sister Marie Keyrouz backed by L'Ensemble de la Paix, a small band of Arabic instrumentalists that plays under her leadership. Chant traditionnel maronite sounds more closely linked to typically non-Christian Arabic traditional music than does her earlier effort, Chant byzantin, although some might welcome the difference.
Maronite chant is a tradition of singing associated with the Maronite church, founded in Syria in the fifth century by Saint Maroun and permitted to retain its own separate liturgy from that of the Roman church. The Maronite church is the primary sect of Christianity observed in Sister Marie Keyrouz's home country of Lebanon, although it is equally as widespread in Northern Syria. The selection of chants presented here is from Maronite services for Christmas, Passiontide, and the Resurrection, with most of these pieces said to have originated in the very early years of Christianity, although the liner notes lack specifics on these matters. There are three short instrumental breaks by L'Ensemble de la Paix to provide contrast, and once in awhile the group's members break into song along with Sister Keyrouz.
Without regard for this music's age or liturgical or historical context, the experience of listening to Chant traditionnel maronite is one of unleavened joy and spiritual energy. Sister Marie Keyrouz has made it her mission to bring together the differing Mediterranean cultures through sacred song, and Chant traditionnel maronite is one of the most successful and satisfying stops to be found along this way.

1 Schubho-Ihaw Qolo 1:52
2 Taw Nimar 2:01
3 Yawno Tlito 2:01
4 Baytun Maghara/Ya Bikra-L-'Abi 2:15
5 Ho Qtilo Bmesrén/Ja'al Ilagou/Nashduka-SK-Shoukran 2:25
6 Qanoun 3:46
7 Hallel/Qadish Qadish/Mshiho Dabyaldeh 3:27
8 Ya Umma-L-Lah 5:58
9 Anal'ummu-L-Havina 6:11
10 Nay 3:18
11 Fil-Lay-Li 2:33
12 Bakkara Abram 3:07
13 Tisbonhto-L-Moryo 3:31
14 Yawmou-SH-Sharr/Rabbi-Imadhbouh 3:03
15 Ud 3:14
16 Ayyouha-R-Rabbou Ilahuna/Fawqa-S-Salib/Moubarakun Man Fadana 6:26
17 Tara'at 3:33
18 Halleluia/Qama-L-Lahou Min Mathwahou/Qadishat Aloho 4:23
19 Qama Wa-D-Dhulmu Hawa 2:24
20 Inna-I-Masih Qad Qam 4:32

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