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Vogel Kwartet • Eggs in Basket CD

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Vogel Kwartet • Eggs in Basket CD

Bandleader and double bass player Tjitze Vogel is an experienced jazz player whose credits range from Joe Lovano and Chet Baker to Anouar Brahim and Chano Dominguez. His compositions for the band reflect his early exposure to the music of Bela Bartok and lgor Strawinsky as well as his love for the lore of all kinds of Folk. Timeless and fascinating! For their sound there is no comparison!

1 Think Of One (Thelonious Monk) 4:17
2 Birds of Song, Birds Of Prey 9:38
3 Dextro 2:43
4 Wanton Wake 6:50
5 Pigs In Motion (Backwards) 6:54
6 Bow & Tide 3:01
7 Lennie, Fog 8:01
8 One Bes 3:50
9 Prob-a-Billy 7:38
10 Darling Dodo 4:07
11 The Bela & The Beat 9:47

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