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Titbits - Position Alpha CD

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Titbits - Position Alpha CD

Never let it be said that Sweden is one-dimensional when it comes to music - quite the opposite is true, in fact. The same country that gave listeners the frothy Europop pleasures of ABBA and Ace of Base has also given them an abundance of challenging avant-garde jazz. A noteworthy example of Sweden's ongoing love affair with the avant-garde is Titbits, which Position Alpha recorded live in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1993. Over the years, the Swedish outfit has had different lineups and provided different types of jazz; Position Alpha even flirted with rock for awhile. On Titbits, the band favors an acoustic sextet format that includes four reed players -- Thomas Jäderlund, Jonny Wartel, Sture Ericson, and Mats Eklöf - as well as drummer Per Ekblad and percussionist Jonny Axelsson. Neither bass nor piano is used, and the horn section does a lot to shape the album - which is appropriate when you consider that Position Alpha started out as an all-saxophone quintet back in 1979. Titbits is avant-garde but not totally atonal; instead, Position Alpha goes for an inside/outside approach on material that ranges from the 30-minute title track and the Ornette Coleman-influenced "Fisk 14" to Jäderlund's dusky "Woody Herman" (which is actually closer to Charles Mingus than Woody Herman).

1 Titbits 30:26
2 Woody Herman 3:20
3 Fisk 14 2:12
4 Platto 15:00
5 Tank You 11:00

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