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Slow Roosevelt • Weightless CD

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Slow Roosevelt • Weightless CD

Slow Roosevelt are on the road non stop and most recently played to 10,000 rabid rock fans with Kid Rock Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, and Adema at KEGL’s BFD Concert in Dallas Texas. Along the way, they have refined the Slo Ro sound and learned how to craft songs that get under your skin and stick to your bones. Slo Ro is an original, unique combination of heavy hook ladened rock and true sarcastic punk attitude and intensity that reaches out and commands your respect. “Weightless” features 10 relentless, gripping tracks that refuse to let you leave alive. From the first deceiving riff of “Boys Lie, Girls Steal”to the final pounding notes of “Radio Drowning” the record leaves you exhausted. Killer Riffs, Major Texas Attitude and Hook after Hook, SLO RO is mixing Red Red Meat and Kid Rock.

1 Boys Lie Girls Steal 3:28
2 From Laughing Comes Crying 3:57
3 Piss and Vinegar 3:21
4 Comfort from a Bomb 3:40
5 Silverback 4:16
6 Audio Star Satellite 3:34
7 Racer X 3:57
8 Mouth Wide Shut 3:51
9 Paper Heart 2:47
10 Radio Drowning 3:44

SONY / Reality Records

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