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Koji Asano • The last Shade of Evening falls 4/4 CD

Artikelnummer: Solstice 019

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Koji Asano • The last Shade of Evening falls 4/4 CD

The Last Shade of Evening Falls is a work totaling 260 minutes, split in four movements. Each CD (movement) has its own artwork (all four covers are related, however), its own catalog number, and is sold separately. "The Last Shade of Evening Falls 4/4" comes back to the aesthetics of "The Last Shade of Evening Falls 1/4." The basic elements found in the previous three installments are still here, but now the sound sources (violin and double bass) appear more tangibly. The first 25 minutes of the piece use the same rules as "1/4," but after this period of time everything disappears and the music comes to a halt. A single tone (in the range of the violin) emerges from silence and from this point onward the music will be made of variations on this tone, amplified, multiplied, echoed, treated. The piece evolves in organic phases of expansion and compression and in the end reverts to the single tone, closing very quietly and in total contrary to the beginning of the first movement of the suite. In conclusion, this 260-minute piece takes the listener through ever-changing (but often feeling static from a macroscopic point of observation) soundscapes. Parts one and four are the most irritating and linear, while parts two and three show more dynamics and beauty. The aim was to create a large-scale piece with very limited sources and the result is, one must admit, quite impressive. But only fans of Koji Asano's music or experimental diehards should consider listening to The Last Shade of Evening Falls.

1 The Last Shade of Evening Falls 4/4 65:16


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