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Koji Asano • The last Shade of Evening falls 3/4 CD

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Koji Asano • The last Shade of Evening falls 3/4 CD

"The Last Shade of Evening Falls" is a work totaling 260 minutes in length, split in four movements. Each CD (movement) has its own artwork (all four covers are related, however) and catalog number, and is sold separately. Therefore, each installment in the series has its own review at www.allmusic.com and, while this page contains most of the general comments on the whole work, the reader is invited to progress through the reviews of all four CDs/movements in order to get the complete picture. "The Last Shade of Evening Falls 3/4" is a welcome change of pace in the series. It remains a continuous piece and still uses the same sound sources (treated violin and double bass), but very differently this time around. First, the piece has a proper beginning and ending (both very delicate). Second, sustained tones are the exception, as most events are short, echoey, and sparse. Third, heavy electronic treatments produce sounds that bear no resemblance to the sources, although the listener understands their filiation with the ones found in "The Last Shade of Evening Falls 1/4" and "The Last Shade of Evening Falls 2/4." The music breathes, events are widely spatialized, and the overall feel is more like a piece of musique concrète. As time passes by, sound events grow longer and more numerous and complex, but the piece remains significantly under the level of activity experienced previously. The listener gets the impression of looking at raindrops through frosted glass. Here Asano clearly touches some strange kind of artistic ecstasy.

1 The Last Shade of Evening Falls 3/4 66:40


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