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Dorothy Squires • With all my Heart CD

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Dorothy Squires • With all my Heart CD

1. The Gypsy
2. A Tree In The Meadow
3. It's A Pity To Say Goodnight
4. I Still Believe
5.When You Lose The One You Love
6. In All The World
7. I'll Close My Eyes
8. Come Home To My Arms
9. Changing Partners
10. Safe In My Arms
11. Danger Ahead Beware
12. Sorrento And You
13. Don't Search For Love
14. Mother's Day
15. White Wings In All The World
16. Coming Home
17. With All My Heart
18. I'm Walking Behind You
19. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
20. Someone To Love
21. Yes I'll Be Here
22. Blue Blue Blue
23. Torremolinos
24. Reflections On The Water

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