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Singer Pur & Go Guitars - Electric Seraphim CD

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Singer Pur & Go Guitars - Electric Seraphim CD

New soundscapes for voices and electric guitars
Five electric guitarists meet an a cappella formation of classical bias. With "Electric Seraphim", this unique musical constellation launches the listener into totally new soundscapes. The program of vocal and vocal/guitar pieces is an experiment that forms a symbiosis; the old masters encounter contemporary compositions created exclusively for this project, compelling their essence into the modern world. The result is arresting and surprisingly homogeneous. The basically intellectually abstract fusion of disparate musical composition and sound forms lying several centuries apart, reveal new perspectives relating to the development of so-called "serious music", these lying not in the niches of the abstract but rather in the synthesis of voice and instrument. This becomes apparent in, for example, the composition by Fredrik Zeller from the year 2003, Pero Pop - Sederunt, whose atmospheric content reflects that of the Sederunt principes of Perotinus from the 12th Century.

A world premier with works from Perotinus (ca. 1200) · Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1400-1474) Matthäus Pipelare (ca. 1450-1515) Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa (ca. 1562-1613) John Cage (1912-1992) · Arvo Pärt (*1935) · Michael Hirsch (*1958) Fredrik Zeller (*1965) · Bernhard Weidner (*1965)

As one of the Maulbronn Monastery Edition, the K&K publishing house presents a live recording of a monastery concert from 18 June 2003 1 CD, DDD, 63 min.
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