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Henry Purcell (1659-1695) - The Fairy Queen 2 CDs

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Henry Purcell (1659-1695) - The Fairy Queen 2 CDs

Henry Purcell (m) / Thomas Betterton (t) after a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare - The Fairy Queen (Z. 629, 1693 version) 

CD 1
The First Musick: Prelude (Z. 629/1)
The First Musick: Hornpipe (Z.629/1)
The Second Musick: Air (Z. 629/2)
The Second Musick: Rondeau (Z. 629/2)
Overture: Grave / Canzona (Z. 629/3)
Act I Prelude and Aria (a Fairy, an Elf): Come. Come, come, let us leave the town (Z. 629/4)
Prelude, Aria (a Poet, two Fairies, Elves) and Chorus: Fill up the bowl! (Scene of the drunken poet):(Z. 629/5)
First Act Tune: jig (Z. 629/6)
Act II Prelude (an Elf): Come all ye songsters of the sky (Z. 629/7)
Prelude (Birds fly down, singing) (Z. 629/8a)
Trio (Three Elves): May the God of Wit inspire (Z. 629/8b)
Trio (Three Elves): While Echo shall remote (Z. 629/8c)
Chorus (Fairies, Elves): Now join your warbling voices all (Z. 629/9)
Aria (Fairy) and Chorus: Sing while we trip it upon the green (Z. 629/10ab)
A dance of the fairies (Z. 629/10c)
Prelude and Aria (Night): See even Night herself is here (Z. 629/11)
Aria (Mystery): I am come to lock all fast (Z. 629/12)
Prelude and Aria (Secrecy): One charming night (Z. 629/13)
Aria (Sleep) and Chorus: Hush, no more (Z. 629/14)
Dance for the followers of night (Z. 629/15)
Second act tune (Z. 629/16)
Act III Prelude, Aria (a Wood Nymph) and Chorus (Nymphs): If love's a sweet passion (Z. 629/17)
Overture / Symphony: Symphony of the swans (Z. 629/18)
Dance for the fairies (Z. 629/19)
Dance for the green men (Z. 629/20) 
Aria (another Wood Nymph): Ye gentle spirits of the air appear (Z. 629/21)
Aria (dialogue – Corydon, Mopsa): Now the maids and the men (Z. 629/22)
Aeia (a Water Nymph): When I have often heard (Z. 629/23)
Dance for the Haymakers (Z. 629/24ab)
Aria (Corydon, Mopsa) and Chorus: A thousand, thousand ways we'll find (Z. 629/25)
Third act tune (Z. 629/26)

CD 2
Act IV Symphony (Sonata while the sun risees): (Z. 629/27)
Aria (Ist Attendant) and Chorus: Now the night is chas'd away (Z. 629/28)
Duet (Two other Attendants): Let the fifes, and the clarions (Z. 629/29)
Entry of Phoebus (Z. 629/30) Prelude and Aria (Phoebus): When a cruel long winter (Z. 629/31)
Chorus (Fairies and Elves): Hail! Great parent of all us (Z. 629/32)
Prelude and Aria (Spring): Thus the ever grateful spring (Z. 629/33)
Prelude and Aria (Summer): Here's the summer, sprightly, gay (Z. 629/34)
Prelude and Aria (Autumn): See my many colour'd fields (Z. 629/35)
Prelude and Aria (Winter): Now winter come slowly (Z. 629/36)
Chorus (Fairies and Elves): Hail! great parent of us all (Repeat) (Z. 629/37)
Fourth Act tune (Z. 629/38) 
Act V Prelude to Juno's song (Z. 629/39a)
Aria (Juno): Thrice Happy Lovers (Epithalamium) (Z. 629/39bc)
Aria (a Woman): O let me weep (The plaint) (Z. 629/40)
Entry dance (Z. 629/41) Symphony (Z. 629/42)
Aria (a Chinese man): Thus the gloomy world at first began to shine (Z. 629/43)
Prelude, Aria (a Chinese woman) and Chorus: Thus happy and free (Z. 629/44) 
Ground and Aria (Chinese man): Yes, Xansi, in your look I find (Z. 629/45)
Monkies' Dance (Z. 629/46)
Prelude and Aria (a Chinese woman): Hark how all things in one sound agree (Z. 629/47)
Aria (Second chinese woman) and Chorus: Hark, how the echoing air (Z. 629/48)
Duet (Two Chinese Women) and Chorus: Sure the dull god of marriage (Z. 629/49)
Prelude (Hymen enters) (Z. 629/50a)
Aria (Hymen): See, see, I obey (Z. 629/50b)
Duet (Both women): Turn then thine eyes (Z. 629/50c)
Aria (Hymen): My torch indeed will from such brightness shine (Z. 629/50d)
Trio (Women and Hymen): They shall be as happy (Z. 629/50ef)
Chaconne (Dance for the chinese man and woman) (Z. 629/51)
Chorus: They shall be as happy as they're fair (Z. 629/51) 

Deller Consort [Honor Sheppard (soprano), Jean Knibbs (soprano), Christina Clarke (soprano), Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Mark Deller (counter-tenor), John Buttrey (tenor), Neil Jenkins (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), Norman Platt (baritone)], Stour Music Chorus and Orchestra, Alfred Deller(leader)

Harmonia Mundi Records, Total Time 64:33 & 65:34
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