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Ella Fitzgerald • Gold Collection 2 CDs

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Ella Fitzgerald • Gold Collection 2 CDs

CD 1:
1. Love come back to me
2. Angel eyes
3. I'm beginning to see the light
4. My heart belongs to daddy
5. Just one of those things
6. I can't give you anything but love
7. Sophisticated lady
8. I'll chase the blues away
9. Crying my heart out for you
10. Under the spell of the blues
11. My last affair
12. Organ Grinder's swing
13. Shine
14. Rock it for me
15. If dreams come true
16. A tisket, a- tisket
17. Ella
18. I found my yellow basket
19. Undecided
20. 'Tain't what you do

CD 2:
1. You'll have to swing
2. Chew, chew, chew (your bubble gum)
3. Little white lies
4. Betcha nickel
5. Stairway to the stars
6. I want the waiter
7. That's all brother
8. I'm not complaining
9. You're gonna lose your gal
10. Suger blues
11. Baba, won't please come home
12. Sing song swing
13. Gulf coast blues
14. Five o'clock whistle
15. I'm the lonesomest gal in town
16. Three little words
17. My man
18. I must have that man
19. I got it bad and that ain't good
20. Just a simple melody

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