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The Transplantation of Organs and Tissues Between Species
David K.C. Cooper, Ejvind Kemp, Keith Reemtsma, D.J.G. White (editors)

The cover of this book depicts a Lamassu, one of the "fabulous" beasts of mythology.

Introduction - Cooper, D. K. C. (et al.) - pages 3-7
Xenotransplantation — A Brief History of Clinical Experiences: 1900–1965 - Reemtsma, K. - pages 9-22
The Scientific Study of Xenografting: 1964–1988 - Auchincloss, H. - pages 23-43
Mechanism of Humoral Xenograft Rejection - Paul, L. C. - pages 47-67
Mechanism of Tissue Injury in Hyperacute Xenograft Rejection - Platt, J. L. (et al.) - pages 69-79
Accommodation — The Role of Natural Antibody and Complement in Discordant Xenograft Rejection - Bach, F. H. (et al.) - pages 81-99
Mechanism of Cellular Xenograft Rejection - Moses, R. D. (et al.) - pages 101-120
Xenotolerance Through Bone Marrow Transplantation - Sykes, M. (et al.) - pages 121-138
Immunobiology of Xenografting in Rodents - Thomas, F. T. (et al.) - pages 139-160
Immunosuppression in Xenotransplantation - Bogaerde, J. B. (et al.) - pages 161-178
Histopathology of Kidney Xenograft Rejection - Larsen, S. (et al.) - pages 181-205
Histopathological, Immunofluorescent, and Electron-Microscopic Features of Hyperacute Rejection in Discordant Renal Xenotransplantation - Marino, I. R. (et al.) - pages 207-230
Histopathology of Cardiac Xenograft Rejection - Rose, A. G. - pages 231-242
Ultrastructure of Hyperacute Rejection in Cardiac Xenografts Rose, A. G. (et al.) - pages 243-251
Histopathology of Liver Xenograft Rejection - Wight, D. G. D. - pages 253-272
Isolated Pancreas Islet Xenografting Thomas, F. T. - pages 275-296
Experimental Xenotransplantation of Encapsulated Cells - Lanza, R. P. (et al.) - pages 297-312
Experimental Xenotransplantation in Rodents — I: Plasma Exchange and Splenectomy - Reding, R. - pages 313-321
Experimental Xenotransplantation in Rodents — II: Skin Versus Heart Grafts - Bouwman, E. (et al.) - pages 323-329
Experimental Xenotransplantation in Rodents — III: Total Lymphoid Irradiation, Cyclosporine, and Monoclonal Antibodies - Steinbruchel, D. A. (et al.) - pages 331-338
Experimental Xenotransplantation Between Closely Related Nonprimate Species - Hammer, C. - pages 339-363
Experimental Xenotransplantation Between Closely Related Primate Species - Sanchez, J. A. (et al.) - pages 365-375
Experimental Xenotransplantation Between Distantly Related Nonprimate Species - Kemp, E. - pages 377-388
Experimental Xenotransplantation in Nonhuman Primates Using Distantly Related Donor Species - Ye, Y. (et al.) - pages 389-393
Ex Vivo Organ Perfusion Studies in Xenograft Research - Otte, K. E. (et al.) - pages 395-403
Effects of Formed Elements on Xenograft Rejection in an Ex Vivo Organ Perfusion Model - Bryan, B. A. (et al.) - pages 405-425
Evolutionary, Physiological, and Immunological Considerations in Defining a Suitable Donor for Man - Hammer, C. - pages 429-438
Nonhuman Primate Blood Group Serology: Some Implications for Xenotransplantation - Socha, W. W. (et al.) - pages 439-455
The Nonhuman Primate as Potential Organ Donor for Man: Virological Considerations - Kalter, S. S. - pages 457-479
The Pig as Potential Organ Donor for Man - Cooper, D. K. C. (et al.) - pages 481-500
Human Antibodies to Pig Determinants and Their Association with Hyperacute Rejection of Xenografts - Welsh, K. I. (et al.)- pages 501-510
An Ethical Framework for Considering The Development of Xenotransplantation in Man - Wright, R. A. - pages 511-527
Experience with Clinical Kidney Xenotransplantation - Reemtsma, K. (et al.) - pages  531-540
Experience with Clinical Heart Xenotransplantation - Cooper, D. K. C. (et al.) - pages 541-557
Liver Xenotransplantation: Clinical Experience and Future Considerations - Cramer, D. V. (et al.) - pages 559-573

Springer, english, Hardcover, 583 pages

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