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Topics in Combinatorics and Graph Theory

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Topics in Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Essays in Honour of Gerhard Ringel
Rainer Bodendiek & Rudolf Henn (editors)

Table of contents
On the Problem of Relative Components of Minimal Graphs - Bodendiek, R. (et al.) Pages 1-27
Irregular Assignments and Two Problems à la Ringel - Aigner, M. (et al.) Pages 29-36
A Recursive Bound for the Number of Complete K-Subgraphs of a Graph - Ahlswede, R. (et al.) Pages 37-39
One-Factorizations of Tensor Products of Graphs - Alspach, B. (et al.) Pages 41-46
Non-Commutative Geometry and Graphs - André, J. Pages 47-57
The Complexity of the Graph Embedding Problem - Archdeacon, D. Pages 59-64
Helly Theorems for Dismantlable Graphs and Pseudo-Modular Graphs - Bandelt, H.-J. (et al.) Pages 65-71
On the Level-Oriented Two-Dimensional Packing With Rotation of the Rectangles - Bär, G. Pages 73-78
On Planar Tilings With Finitely Many Sorts of Tiles - Bezdek, K. Pages 79-85
Examples of Space-Tiling Polyhedra Related to Hilbert’s Problem 18, Question 2 - Bezdek, A. (et al.) Pages 87-92
The Historical Background to Gerhard Ringel’s Work - Biggs, N. L. (et al.) Pages 93-99
Around Three Lemmas in Hamiltonian Graph Theory - Bauer, D. (et al.) Pages 101-110
A Note on Metric Properties of Infinite Graphs - Böhme, T. Pages 111-115
Automorphism Groups of Directed Cayley Graphs - Baumann, U. (et al.) Pages 117-128
Triangular Embeddings of Tensor Products of Graphs - Bouchet, A. (et al.) Pages 129-135
Computing Light Edges in Planar Graphs - Borodin, O. V. Pages 137-144
On the Domination Problem for Bipartite Graphs - Brandstädt, A. Pages 145-152
Polyhedral Maps with Few Edges - Brehm, U. Pages 153-162
Aut G m,n for the Hasse Graph G m,n of the Subword Poset B m,n of an m-Ary Cyclic Word of Length n - Burosch, G. (et al.) Pages 163-174
Status of Graceful Tree Conjecture in 1989 - Cahit, I. Pages 175-184
Embedded Graphs, Facial Colorings, and Double Cycle Covers - Catlin, P. A. Pages 185-192
On Peripheral Vertices in Graphs - hartrand, G. (et al.) Pages 193-199
The Vertex-Degrees of Steiner Minimal Trees in Minkowski Planes - Cieslik, D. Pages 201-206
Unfolding Weighted Consensus Orders into Consistent Numerical Scales - Czyzowicz, J. (et al.) Pages 207-217
Forbidden Ordered Subgraphs - Damaschke, P. Pages 219-229
On Normal Tournaments with the Least Number of 3-Cycles - Demaria, D. C. (et al.) Pages 231-237 Two-Irregular Graphs - Faudree, R. J. (et al.) Pages 239-248
Cell Complexes and Lower Bounds in Computational Geometry - Fischer, Th. Pages 249-256
Characterizing Directed Postman Tours - Fleischner, H. (et al.) Pages 257-262
Some Properties of ”Almost All” Functions From pk - Giudjenov, I. D. Pages 263-269
Composition of Facets of the Clique Partitioning Polytope - Grötschel, M. (et al.) Pages 271-284
Optimal Edge-Numbering of Binary Trees - Grünwald, N. Pages 285-289
On Independent Vertices and Edges of a Graph - Gutman, I. Pages 291-296
The Outerthickness & Outercoarseness of Graphs I. The Complete Graph & The n-Cube - Guy, R. K. (et al.) Pages 297-310
On Some Graphic Aspects of Addition Theorems - Hamidoune, Y. O. Pages 311-318
On the Circumference of Regular Polyhedral Graphs - Harant, J. (et al.) Pages 319-330
Longest Cycles in Circulant Graphs - Harnau, W. (et al.) Pages 331-338
Spanning Trees of the Complete Bipartite Graph - Hartsfield, N. (et al.) Pages 339-346
A Combinatorial Theorem Which is Related to the Invariance of the Separating Set for the Plane - Harzheim, E. Pages 347-352
On Certain Trees in Hypercubes - Havel, I. Pages 353-358
Extending Hall’s Theorem - Hilton, A. J. W. (et al.) Pages 359-371
On the Coupling Condition and Hamiltonicity - Hoede, C. (et al.) Pages 373-380
Transversals and Matroids - Horák, P. Pages 381-389
Classification and Construction of Geodetic Block with Diameter Two - Jingzhong, M. Pages 391-395
Graph Distances and Similarity - Kaden, F. Pages 397-404
Witt Rings and Semiorderings of Planar Ternary Rings - Kalhoff, F. B. Pages 405-411
Linear Inequalities Describing the Class of Intersecting Sperner Families of Subsets, I - Katona, G. O. H. (et al.) Pages 413-420
Integral Drawings of the Complete Graph K6 - Kemnitz, A. Pages 421-429
On Certain Binomial Sums - Klotz, W. Pages 431-434
Colouring of Spider Graphs - Koebe, M. Pages 435-441
A Las-Vergnas Type Theorem for Trees - Krasikov, I. (et al.) Pages 443-449
Quick Gossiping by Multi-Telegraphs - Labahn, R. (et al.) Pages 451-458
Numberings on Graphs Having Small Edge Weights - Lang, R. Pages 459-469
On Vertexminimal Graphs with Radius r and Connectivity 2m - Lassmann, G. Pages 471-477
Embedding Schemes and the Jordan Curve Theorem - Little, C. H. C. (et al.) Pages 479-489
Subgraph Packing — A Survey - Loebl, M. (et al.) Pages 491-503
On the Radius of Random Subgraphs of the n-Cube - Mahrhold, K. (et al.) Pages 505-511
A Result in Combinatorial Matroid Theory - Marcu, D. Pages 513-517
On Graphs Embeddable with Short Faces - Nedela, R. (et al.) Pages 519-529
On Cyclic Representations of Triples by Pairs - Novák, J. Pages 531-540
On the Steiner Periphery and Steiner Eccentricity of a Graph - Oellermann, O. R. (et al.) Pages 541-547
Cycles Containing Three Consecutive Edges in 2k-Edge-Connected Graphs - Okamura, H. Pages 549-553
Graph Distance and Euclidean Distance on the Grid - Pach, J. (et al.) Pages 555-559
About the Complexity of Some Homomorphism Problems on Graphs - Quilliot, A. Pages 561-567
On an Inequality of Sperner - Rausche, A. Pages 569-576
Counting Perfect Matchings in Lattice Graphs - Sachs, H. Pages 577-584
Genus — Minimal Edges and Kuratowski Subgraphs of a Graph - Širan, J. Pages 585-593
From Tree Path-Factors and Doubly Exponential Sequences to a Binomial Inequality - Skupien, Z. Pages 595-603
A Characterization of Point-Colour-Symmetric Hypergraphs - Sze-Chin, S. Pages 605-612
A Linear Algorithm for the Pathwidth of Trees - Scheffler, P. Pages 613-620
The Time Travelling Problem - Schild, G. Pages 621-626
An Aperiodic Triple of Prototiles - Schmitt, P. Pages 627-633
Representation of Graphs by Integers - Schnabel, R. Pages 635-640
Special Systems of Linear Equations and Graphs of Convex Polytopes - Schöne, W. Pages 641-650
On 2-Embeddable Graphs - Schumacher, H. Pages 651-661
On an Application of the Boolean Differential Calculus to Digital System Theory - Stiefel, B. Pages 663-670
Equiareal Sets in Rd - Teumer, G. W. Pages 671-677
On the Piaget Graph - Thies, C. Pages 679-683
On a Characterization of Closure Operators by Identities on Semigroups - Thron, R. (et al.) Pages 685-692
Symmetries of Group-Triangulations - Voss, H.-J. Pages 693-711
Experimental Mathematics — Tesselations of Convex Polygons in a Hexagonal Lattice - Walther, G. Pages 713-725
Domination in Cubic Graphs - Zelinka, B. Pages 727-735
A Generalization of the Bodendiek Conjecture About Graceful Graphs - Zhi-Zeng, C. Pages 737-746
A Sparse Gallai-Witt Theorem - Prömel, H.-J. (et al.) Pages 747-755
Edges with at Most One Crossing in Drawings of the Complete Graph - Harborth, H. (et al.) Pages 757-763
Long Cycles in Graphs with Moderate Connectivity - Jung, H. A. Pages 765-778
Independent Covers in Plane Graphs - Syslo, M. M. Pages 779-785

Physica-Verlag Heidelberg, Hardback, english, 792 pages

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