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Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2008

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Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2008

5th International Colloquium, Istanbul, Turkey, September 1-3, 2008, Proceedings
John S. Fitzgerald, Anne E. Haxthausen. Husnu Yenugin (Eds.)

Table of contents
Using Design Patterns in Formal Methods: An Event-B Approach - Abrial, J. -R. (et al.) - Pages 1-2
A Unified Approach to Abstract Interpretation, Formal Verification and Testing of C/C++ Modules - Peleska, Jan - Pages 3-22
The Three Platonic Models of Divergence-Strict CSP - Roscoe, A. W. - Pages 23-49
Monotonic Abstraction in Action - Abdulla, Parosh Aziz (et al.) - Pages 50-65
Non-interleaving Semantics with Causality for Nondeterministic Dataflow - Agrigoroaiei, Oana (et al.) - Pages 66-80
Symbolic Reachability for Process Algebras with Recursive Data Types - Blom, Stefan (et al.) - Pages 81-95
Inclusion Test Algorithms for One-Unambiguous Regular Expressions - Chen, Haiming (et al.) - Pages 96-110
Refinement of Kripke Models for Dynamics - Dechesne, Francien (et al.) - Pages 111-125
Tomorrow and All our Yesterdays: MTL Satisfiability over the Integers - Furia, Carlo A. (et al.) - Pages 126-140
A Theory of Pointers for the UTP - Harwood, Will (et al.) - Pages 141-155
Recasting Constraint Automata into Büchi Automata - Izadi, Mohammad (et al.) - Pages 156-170
A Complete Realisability Semantics for Intersection Types and Arbitrary Expansion Variables - Kamareddine, Fairouz (et al.) - Pages 171-185
Towards Efficient Verification of Systems with Dynamic Process Creation - Klaudel, Hanna (et al.) Pages 186-200
An Observational Model for Transactional Calculus of Services Orchestration - Li, Jing (et al.) - Pages 201-215
Everything Is PSPACE-Complete in Interaction Systems - Majster-Cederbaum, Mila (et al.) - Pages 216-227
A New Approach for the Construction of Multiway Decision Graphs - Mokhtari, Y. (et al.) - Pages 228-242
Congruence Results of Scope Equivalence for a Graph Rewriting Model of Concurrent Programs - Murakami, Masaki - Pages 243-257
Guided Test Generation from CSP Models - Nogueira, Sidney (et al.) - Pages 258-273
Relaxing Goodness Is Still Good - Pace, Gordon J. (et al.) - Pages 274-289
Benchmarking Model- and Satisfiability-Checking on Bi-infinite Time - Pradella, Matteo (et al.) - Pages 290-304
Formal Analysis of Workflows Using UML 2.0 Activities and Graph Transformation Systems - Rafe, Vahid (et al.) - Pages 305-318
Testing Concurrent Objects with Application-Specific Schedulers - Schlatte, Rudolf (et al.) - Pages 319-333
A Theory of Bounded Fair Scheduling - Schönborn, Jens (et al.) - Pages 334-348
Fair Exchange Is Incomparable to Consensus - Orzan, Simona (et al.) - Pages 349-363
Automatic Generation of CSP || B Skeletons from xUML Models - Turner, Edward (et al.) - Pages 364-379
Bounded Model Checking for Partial Kripke Structures - Wehrheim, Heike - Pages 380-394
Verification of Linear Duration Invariants by Model Checking CTL Properties - Zhang, Miaomiao (et al.) - Pages 395-409
Exact Response Time Scheduling Analysis of Accumulatively Monotonic Multiframe Real Time Tasks - Zuhily, Areej (et al.) - Pages 410-424
Endomorphisms for Non-trivial Non-linear Loop Invariant Generation - Rebiha, Rachid (et al.) - Pages 425-439
Instantiation for Parameterised Boolean Equation Systems - Dam, A. (et al.) - Pages 440-454

Springer, Paperback, english, 454 pages

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