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Resources and Livelihood in Mountain Areas of South East Asia

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Resources and Livelihood in Mountain Areas of South East Asia

Farming and rural systems in a changing environment
Werner Doppler and Suwanna Praneetvatakul, Nuchanata Mungkung, Acharee Sattarasart, Jirawan Kitchaicharoen, Chakkrit Thongthap, Peter Lentes, Do Anh Tai, Mathias Grüninger, Karl E. Weber

This book presents results of a comprehensive research program in the mountain zone of Southeast Asia. The research program was carried out in co-operation between universities and implementing agencies in Germany, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Twenty-five scientists have been involved in the research and the knowledge of some two thousand five hundred families in the mountain areas of different ethnic groups as well as some two hundred fifty key persons involved in local decision-making have provided a wide base of local knowledge.
Concepts and approaches are based on a holistic philosophy. The core of the concept is the decision-making at family, village, and rural institution level dealing with the living standard of families as well as with the rural livelihood of the society. The differences in resource availability and potentials in the case of land, water, forest, energy, rights and know-how are included. The incorporation of spatial analyses of rural areas allows a further inside view into the relation between the level of remoteness and the socio-economic situation of the families as well as environmental impacts in the region.
This concept is applied for different ethnic groups, especially hill tribes, which often have different access to resources, markets, and social services. As a result of the analyses of past development some forty-five problem-solving strategies could be defined for future development. Their impact on the living standard of families and the livelihood of the society in the future is assessed by the use of mathematical simulation models and show a wide range and great potential for future development activities.

Margraf Publishers, Hardcover, english, 443 pages

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