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Philip Stratford • All the Polarities

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Philip Stratford • All the Polarities

Comparative Studies in Contemporary Canadian Novels in French and English
The book consists of six essays, plus an introduction and concluding chapter, which are useful and interesting for their discussion of methodology. In each of the six essays, Stratford compares two contemporary Canadian novels, one written in French and one in English, which seem by subject, style, or in other ways such as the backgrounds of the authors, to invite comparison. The six essays examine the following pairs of writers: Hugh Mac-Lennan and Gabrielle Roy, Sinclair Ross and André Langevin, Margaret Laurence and Anne Hébert, Alice Munro and Marie-Claire Blais, Robert Kroetsch and Roch Carrier, and Margaret Atwood and Hubert Aquin.

ECW Press, Paperback, english, 109 pages

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