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Personality Assessment via Questionnaires

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Personality Assessment via Questionnaires

Current Issues in Theory and Measurement
Edited by Alois Angleitner & Jerry S. Wiggins

The personality questionnaire has been with us for more than 60 years. It has been, and still is, the most popular method of personality assessment and it no doubt will continue to be so. The method has been sharply criticized since its inception (e. g. , Allport, 1921; Watson, 1933; Ellis, 1946; Janke, 1973), and this criticism is also likely to continue. The long-standing indifference of test con­ structors to criticisms of their craft is brought home by noting the similarities between objections raised many years ago and those that are offered today (Gynther & Green, 1982). Within this context, one might well ask why a book on personality questionnaires should appear at this time. Despite the centrality of the personality questionnaire to personality as­ sessment, there are, to our knowledge, no recent books on the general topic of personality questionnaires. There are of course books on specific instru­ments (e. g. , Dahlstrom, Welsh & Dahlstrom, 1972, 1975), books on interpre tation of specific instruments (e. g. , Comrey, 1980), and books on specific is sues such as response styles (e. g. , Block, 1965). Although not specifically focused on personality questionnaires, Bass and Berg's (1959) Objective Ap­proaches to Personality Assessment dealt with a number of issues that are cen­tral to questionnaires.

The Trait Concept: Current Theoretical Considerations, Empirical Facts, and Implications for Personality Inventory Construction - Amelang, Manfred (et al.) - Seiten 7-34
The Trait Concept and the Personality Questionnaire - Fiske, Donald W. - Seiten 35-46
Pragmatic Validity to Be Considered for the Construction and Application of Psychological Questionnaires - Kastner, Michael - Seiten 49-60
It’s What You Ask and How You Ask It: An Itemmetric Analysis of Personality Questionnaires - Angleitner, Alois (et al.) - Seiten 61-108
Methods of Personality Inventory Development — A Comparative Analysis - Burisch, Matthias - Seiten 109-120
The Process of Responding in Personality Assessment - Jackson, Douglas N. - Seiten 123-142
Self-Deception and Impression Management in Test Responses - Paulhus, Delroy L. - Seiten 143-165
Psychometric Models for Analysis of Data from Personality Questionnaires - Hofstee, Willem K. B. (et al.) - Seiten 166-177
On Linguistic Variables Influencing the Understanding of Questionnaire Items - Helfrich, Hede - Seiten 178-188
Evaluation of Convergent and Discriminant Validity by Use of Structural Equations - Schwarzer, Ralf - Seiten 191-213
An Example of Convergent and Discriminant Validation of Personality Questionnaires - Rudinger, Georg (et al.) - Seiten 214-224
Epilog - Wiggins, Jerry S. - Seiten 225-234

Springer-Verlag, Hardcover, ein paar handschriftliche Anmerkungen, english, 269 pages

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