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Nuclear Dynamics: From Quarks to Nuclei

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Nuclear Dynamics: From Quarks to Nuclei

Proceedings of the XXth CFIF Fall Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, October 31?November 2, 2002

Table of Contents
Meson Exchange Currents in Quasi-Elastic Electron-Nucleus Scattering - Sick, Ingo - Pages 1-12
Parity-Violating Effects in Two-Nucleon Systems - Schiavilla, R. (et al.) - Pages 13-23
NN Interaction in Chiral Constituent Quark Models - Valcarce, A. (et al.) - Pages 25-36
Near Threshold Meson Production in Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions - Haidenbauer, J. (et al.) - Pages 37-48
The Importance of the Final-State Interaction in np ??d near Threshold - Garcilazo, H. (et al.) - Pages 49-60
Isospin Symmetry Breaking: Experimental Observation - Bojowald, J. (et al.) - Pages 61-66
Relativistic Analysis of Proton-Proton Bremsstrahlung - Tjon, J. A. - Pages 67-78
Relativity in Polarized Electron Scattering Observables - Caballero, J. A. (et al.) - Pages 79-85
Three-Nucleon Electroweak Capture Reactions - Marcucci, L. E. (et al.) - Pages 87-98
Nuclear Medium Effects in Hadron Leptoproduction - Bianchi, N. - Pages 99-104
Recent Results and Prospects from the STAR Detector and RHIC - Jacobs, W. W. - Pages 105-118
An Estimate of the Percolation Parameter in Heavy Ion Collisions - Deus, J. Dias (et al.) - Pages 119-122
Pionic Decays of Hadrons and the Coupling of Pions to Quarks - Riska, D. O. - Pages 123-132
Search For the Quark Shell Structure Using the Non-Topological Soliton Model - Sawado, N. (et al.) - Pages 133-138
Baryons as Relativistic Three-Quark Systems - Plessas, W. - Pages 139-150
Relativistic Theory of Few-Body Systems - Gross, Franz - Pages 151-163
Longitudinal Response Functions for Quasielastic Electron Scattering in Relativistic Nonlinear Models - Caillon, J. C. (et al.) - Pages 165-170
Photo and Electrodisintegration of Few-Body Systems Revisited - Laget, J.-M. - Pages 171-181
Dynamical Model of Electroweak Pion Production Reactions - Lee, T.-S.H. H. (et al.) - Pages 183-194
’t Hooft Determinant: Fluctuations and Multiple Vacua - Hiller, Brigitte (et al.) - Pages 195-200
Does it make any sense to talk about a ?-isobar - Kleefeld, Frieder - Pages 201-206
Relativity, Chiral Symmetry, and the Nucleon Electromagnetic Form Factors - Miller, Gerald A. - Pages 207-218
Current Density Operators in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics - Coester, F. - Pages 219-230
Light-front Time Picture of the Bethe-Salpeter Equation Frederico, T. (et al.) - Pages 231-236
Energy Spectra of 9 ? Be Cravo, E. (et al.) - Pages 237-245 - Analysis of Light Nuclei by the AMD Method with Realistic NN Potentials - Taniguchi, Y. (et al.) - Pages 247-252
Evidence of Tensor Correlations in the Nuclear Many-Body System Using a Modern NN Potential - Fiase, J. O. (et al.) - Pages 253-258
Experimental Study of Nuclear Few-Body Systems at Jefferson Lab - Saha, A. - Pages 259-266
From ?-d to ?-Tumor: Peter Sauer’s Influence as a Teacher - Oelfke, U. - Pages 267-270
From Physics to Consulting - Schulze-Riegert, Ralf - Pages 271-272
Celebrating Peter Sauer: An Occasion to Look at Nuclear Physics in Perspective - Frois, B. - Pages 273-281

Few-Body Systems - Supplement 15

Springer, Hardback, english, 290 pages

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