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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention • MICCAI 2015

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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention • MICCAI 2015

18th International Conference, Munich, Germany, October 5-9, 2015, Proceedings, Part II 
Nassir Navab, Joachim Hornegger, William M. Wells, Alejandro Frangi (Eds.)

Table of contents
Computer-Aided Detection and Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms - Jerman, Tim (et al.) - Pages 3-10
Discriminative Feature Selection for Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification by Sparse Induced Graph Regularized Group Lasso - Chen, Xiangyu (et al.) - Pages 11-19
Detection of Glands and Villi by Collaboration of Domain Knowledge and Deep Learning - Wang, Jiazhuo (et al.) - Pages 20-27
Minimum S-Excess Graph for Segmenting and Tracking Multiple Borders with HMM - Essa, Ehab (et al.) - Pages 28-35
Automatic Artery-Vein Separation from Thoracic CT Images Using Integer Programming - Payer, Christian (et al.) - Pages 36-43
Automatic Dual-View Mass Detection in Full-Field Digital Mammograms - Amit, Guy (et al.) - Pages 44-52
Leveraging Mid-Level Semantic Boundary Cues for Automated Lymph Node Detection - Seff, Ari (et al.) - Pages 53-61
Computer-Aided Pulmonary Embolism Detection Using a Novel Vessel-Aligned Multi-planar Image Representation and Convolutional Neural Networks - Tajbakhsh, Nima (et al.) - Pages 62-69
Ultrasound-Based Detection of Prostate Cancer Using Automatic Feature Selection with Deep Belief Networks - Azizi, Shekoofeh (et al.) - Pages 70-77
MCI Identification by Joint Learning on Multiple MRI Data - Gao, Yue (et al.) - Pages 78-85
Medical Image Retrieval Using Multi-graph Learning for MCI Diagnostic Assistance - Gao, Yue (et al.) - Pages 86-93
Regenerative Random Forest with Automatic Feature Selection to Detect Mitosis in Histopathological Breast Cancer Images - Paul, Angshuman (et al.) - Pages 94-102
HoTPiG: A Novel Geometrical Feature for Vessel Morphometry and Its Application to Cerebral Aneurysm Detection - Hanaoka, Shouhei (et al.) - Pages 103-110
Robust Segmentation of Various Anatomies in 3D Ultrasound Using Hough Forests and Learned Data Representations - Milletari, Fausto (et al.) - Pages 111-118
Improved Parkinson’s Disease Classification from Diffusion MRI Data by Fisher Vector Descriptors - Salamanca, Luis (et al.) - Pages 119-126
Automated Shape and Texture Analysis for Detection of Osteoarthritis from Radiographs of the Knee - Thomson, Jessie (et al.) - Pages 127-134
Hashing Forests for Morphological Search and Retrieval in Neuroscientific Image Databases - Mesbah, Sepideh (et al.) - Pages 135-143
Computer-Aided Infarction Identification from Cardiac CT Images: A Biomechanical Approach with SVM - Wong, Ken C. L. (et al.) - Pages 144-151
Automatic Graph-Based Localization of Cochlear Implant Electrodes in CT - Noble, Jack H. (et al.) - Pages 152-159
Towards Non-invasive Image-Based Early Diagnosis of Autism - Mostapha, M. (et al.) - Pages 160-168
Identifying Connectome Module Patterns via New Balanced Multi-graph Normalized Cut - Gao, Hongchang (et al.) - Pages 169-176
Semantic 3-D Labeling of Ear Implants Using a Global Parametric Transition Prior - Zouhar, Alexander (et al.) - Pages 177-184
Learning the Correlation Between Images and Disease Labels Using Ambiguous Learning - Syeda-Mahmood, Tanveer (et al.) - Pages 185-193
Longitudinal Analysis of Brain Recovery after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Based on Groupwise Consistent Brain Network Clusters - Chen, Hanbo (et al.) - Pages 194-201
Dictionary Learning Based Image Descriptor for Myocardial Registration of CP-BOLD MR - Oksuz, Ilkay (et al.) - Pages 205-213
Registration of Color and OCT Fundus Images Using Low-dimensional Step Pattern Analysis - Lee, Jimmy Addison (et al.) - Pages 214-221
Estimating Patient Specific Templates for Pre-operative and Follow-Up Brain Tumor Registration - Kwon, Dongjin (et al.) - Pages 222-229
Topography-Based Registration of Developing Cortical Surfaces in Infants Using Multidirectional Varifold Representation - Rekik, Islem (et al.) - Pages 230-237
A Liver Atlas Using the Special Euclidean Group - Hefny, Mohamed S. (et al.) - Pages 238-245
Multi-scale and Multimodal Fusion of Tract-Tracing, Myelin Stain and DTI-derived Fibers in Macaque Brains - Zhang, Tuo (et al.) - Pages 246-254
Space-Frequency Detail-Preserving Construction of Neonatal Brain Atlases - Zhang, Yuyao (et al.) - Pages 255-262
Mid-Space-Independent Symmetric Data Term for Pairwise Deformable Image Registration - Aganj, Iman (et al.) - Pages 263-271
A 2D-3D Registration Framework for Freehand TRUS-Guided Prostate Biopsy - Khallaghi, Siavash (et al.) - Pages 272-279
Unsupervised Free-View Groupwise Segmentation for M3 Cardiac Images Using Synchronized Spectral Network - Cai, Yunliang (et al.) - Pages 280-288
Uncertainty Quantification for LDDMM Using a Low-Rank Hessian Approximation - Yang, Xiao (et al.) - Pages 289-296
A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method for Non-Rigid Image Registration - Qiao, Yuchuan (et al.) - Pages 297-304
Locally Orderless Registration for Diffusion Weighted Images - Jensen, Henrik G. (et al.) - Pages 305-312
Predicting Activation Across Individuals with Resting-State Functional Connectivity Based Multi-Atlas Label Fusion - Langs, Georg (et al.) - Pages 313-320
Crossing-Lines Registration for Direct Electromagnetic Navigation - Rasquinha, Brian J. (et al.) - Pages 321-328
A Robust Outlier Elimination Approach for Multimodal Retina Image Registration - Ong, Ee Ping (et al.) - Pages 329-337
Estimating Large Lung Motion in COPD Patients by Symmetric Regularised Correspondence Fields - Heinrich, Mattias P. (et al.) - Pages 338-345
Combining Transversal and Longitudinal Registration in IVUS Studies - Talou, G. D. Maso (et al.) - Pages 346-353
Interpolation and Averaging of Multi-Compartment Model Images - Hédouin, Renaud (et al.) - Pages 354-362
Structured Decision Forests for Multi-modal Ultrasound Image Registration - Oktay, Ozan (et al.) - Pages 363-371
A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Multi-Site Diffeomorphic Image Atlases - Hromatka, Michelle (et al.) - Pages 372-379
Distance Networks for Morphological Profiling and Characterization of DICCCOL Landmarks - Yuan, Yue (et al.) - Pages 380-387
Which Metrics Should Be Used in Non-linear Registration Evaluation? - Ribeiro, Andre Santos (et al.) - Pages 388-395
Illustrative Visualization of Vascular Models for Static 2D Representations - Lawonn, Kai (et al.) - Pages 399-406
Perfusion Paths: Inference of Voxelwise Blood Flow Trajectories in CT Perfusion - Robben, David (et al.) - Pages 407-414
Automatic Prostate Brachytherapy Preplanning Using Joint Sparse Analysis - Nouranian, Saman (et al.) - Pages 415-423
Bayesian Personalization of Brain Tumor Growth Model - Lê, Matthieu (et al.) - Pages 424-432
Learning Patient-Specific Lumped Models for Interactive Coronary Blood Flow Simulations - Nickisch, Hannes (et al.) - Pages 433-441
Vito – A Generic Agent for Multi-physics Model Personalization: Application to Heart Modeling - Neumann, Dominik (et al.) - Pages 442-449
Database-Based Estimation of Liver Deformation under Pneumoperitoneum for Surgical Image-Guidance and Simulation - Johnsen, S. F. (et al.) - Pages 450-458
Computational Sonography - Hennersperger, Christoph (et al.) - Pages 459-466
Hierarchical Shape Distributions for Automatic Identification of 3D Diastolic Vortex Rings from 4D Flow MRI - Elbaz, Mohammed S. M. (et al.) - Pages 467-475
Robust CT Synthesis for Radiotherapy Planning: Application to the Head and Neck Region - Burgos, Ninon (et al.) - Pages 476-484
Mean Aneurysm Flow Amplitude Ratio Comparison between DSA and CFD - Nijnatten, Fred (et al.) - Pages 485-492
Application of L0-Norm Regularization to Epicardial Potential Reconstruction - Wang, Liansheng (et al.) - Pages 493-500
MRI-Based Lesion Profiling of Epileptogenic Cortical Malformations - Hong, Seok-Jun (et al.) - Pages 501-509
Patient-specific 3D Ultrasound Simulation Based on Convolutional Ray-tracing and Appearance Optimization - Salehi, Mehrdad (et al.) - Pages 510-518
Robust Transmural Electrophysiological Imaging: Integrating Sparse and Dynamic Physiological Models into ECG-Based Inference - Xu, Jingjia (et al.) - Pages 519-527
Estimating Biophysical Parameters from BOLD Signals through Evolutionary-Based Optimization - Mesejo, Pablo (et al.) - Pages 528-535
Radiopositive Tissue Displacement Compensation for SPECT-guided Surgery - Pinto, Francisco (et al.) - Pages 536-543
A Partial Domain Approach to Enable Aortic Flow Simulation Without Turbulent Modeling - Koltukluoglu, Taha S. (et al.) - Pages 544-551
Flexible Reconstruction and Correction of Unpredictable Motion from Stacks of 2D Images - Kainz, Bernhard (et al.) - Pages 555-562
Efficient Preconditioning in Joint Total Variation Regularized Parallel MRI Reconstruction - Xu, Zheng (et al.) - Pages 563-570
Accessible Digital Ophthalmoscopy Based on Liquid-Lens Technology - Bergeles, Christos (et al.) - Pages 571-578
Estimate, Compensate, Iterate: Joint Motion Estimation and Compensation in 4-D Cardiac C-arm Computed Tomography - Taubmann, Oliver (et al.) - Pages 579-586
Robust Prediction of Clinical Deep Brain Stimulation Target Structures via the Estimation of Influential High-Field MR Atlases - Kim, Jinyoung (et al.) - Pages 587-594
RF Ultrasound Distribution-Based Confidence Maps - Klein, Tassilo (et al.) - Pages 595-602
Prospective Prediction of Thin-Cap Fibroatheromas from Baseline Virtual Histology Intravascular Ultrasound Data - Zhang, Ling (et al.) - Pages 603-610
Cooperative Robotic Gamma Imaging: Enhancing US-guided Needle Biopsy - Esposito, Marco (et al.) - Pages 611-618
Bayesian Tomographic Reconstruction Using Riemannian MCMC - Pedemonte, Stefano (et al.) - Pages 619-626
A Landmark-Based Approach for Robust Estimation of Exposure Index Values in Digital Radiography - Irrera, Paolo (et al.) - Pages 627-634
Accelerated Dynamic MRI Reconstruction with Total Variation and Nuclear Norm Regularization - Yao, Jiawen (et al.) - Pages 635-642
Robust PET Motion Correction Using Non-local Spatio-temporal Priors - Thiruvenkadam, S. (et al.) - Pages 643-650
Subject-specific Models for the Analysis of Pathological FDG PET Data - Burgos, Ninon (et al.) - Pages 651-658
Hierarchical Reconstruction of 7T-like Images from 3T MRI Using Multi-level CCA and Group Sparsity - Bahrami, Khosro (et al.) - Pages 659-666
Robust Spectral Denoising for Water-Fat Separation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Lugauer, Felix (et al.) - Pages 667-674
Scale Factor Point Spread Function Matching: Beyond Aliasing in Image Resampling - Cardoso, M. Jorge (et al.) - Pages 675-683
Analytic Quantification of Bias and Variance of Coil Sensitivity Profile Estimators for Improved Image Reconstruction in MRI - Stamm, Aymeric (et al.) - Pages 684-691
Mobile C-arm 3D Reconstruction in the Presence of Uncertain Geometry - Rottman, Caleb (et al.) - Pages 692-699
Fast Preconditioning for Accelerated Multi-contrast MRI Reconstruction - Li, Ruoyu (et al.) - Pages 700-707
Springer, Notes in Computer Science - Volume 9350, Paperback, english, 720 pages

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