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Language and Social Cognition

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Language and Social Cognition

Expression of the Social Mind
Hanna Pishwa (Editor)

This interdisciplinary volume provides a novel perspective on social aspects of language. It views ways of how the acquisition and management of knowledge of ourselves and others is reflected in language. Hence, by combining the two disciplines social cognition and linguistics, it proceeds beyond cognitive linguistics by examining language from a wider perspective including cultural issues.

1. Introduction: linguistic structures as carriers of social-cognitive functions / Hanna Pishwa --
Section I: Social cognition and language
2. The origin of the social approach in language and cognitive research exemplified by studies into the origin of language / Nathalie Gontier 
3. Fused Bodies: Sense-making as a phenomenon of interacting, knowledgeable, social bodies / Anders R. Hougaard & Gitte R. Hougaard 
4. Supracultural models, universalism and relativism: Chinese and American views of personhood / Jason D. Patent 
5. The development of Turkish and Finnish words related to privacy / Mai Kuha and M. Ali Bolgün
6. On collective cognition / Farzad Sharifian 
Section II: Social cognition and discourse
7. Conversational pragmatics and social cognition / Thomas Holtgraves and Blake M. Anderson
8. The creative construction of social orientation : Situated positioning with English as a lingua franca / Andreas Langlotz
9. Constructing knowledge schemas in the workplace: A microanalysis / Susan Bridges and Brendan Bartlett 
10. Corporate self-presentation and self-centredness: a case for cognitive Critical Discourse Analysis / Veronika Koller 
11. Distributed cognition and play in the quest for the double helix / David Ritchie
12. Social Aspects of Verbal Irony Use / Roger J. Kreuz and Gina M. Caucci
Section III: Social cognitive functions of single structures
13. Attribution Theories Wired Into Linguistic Categories / Klaus Fieder and Peter Freytag
14. Tuned to hidden messages: Exploring recurrent word combinations in English / Rainer Schulze
15. Emotion talk and emotional talk: cognitive and discursive perspectives / Monika Bednarek
16. From motion to emotion to interpersonal function: The case of fear predicates / Eliza Kitis 
17. Metaphor in mental representations of space, time and society: the cognitive linguistics approach / Paul Chilton

Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] - Volume 206

De Gruyter Mouton, Hardback, Linen, english, 476 pages

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