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Interactive Storytelling

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Interactive Storytelling

First Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2008 Erfurt, Germany, November 2008, Proceedings
Ulrike Spierling, Nicolas Szilas (Eds.)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2008, held in Erfurt, Germany, in November 2008. The 19 revised full papers, 5 revised short papers, and 5 poster papers presented together with 3 invited lectures and 8 demo papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 62 submission. The papers are organized in topical sections on future perspectives on interactive digital storytelling, interactive storytelling applications, virtual characters and agents, user experience and dramatic immersion, architectures for story generation, models for drama management and interacting with stories, as well as authoring and creation of interactive narrative.

Embracing the Combinatorial Explosion: A Brief Prescription for Interactive Story R&D - Stern, Andrew - Seiten 1-5
Interactive Narrative, Plot Types, and Interpersonal Relations - Ryan, Marie-Laure - Seiten 6-13
The IRIS Network of Excellence: Integrating Research in Interactive Storytelling - Cavazza, Marc (et al.) - Seiten 14-19
Mobile Urban Drama – Setting the Stage with Location Based Technologies - Hansen, Frank Allan (et al.) - Seiten 20-31
Say Anything: A Massively Collaborative Open Domain Story Writing Companion - Swanson, Reid (et al.) - Seiten 32-40
Locating Drama: A Demonstration of Location-Aware Audio Drama - Parry, Nye (et al.) - Seiten 41-43
Lies and Seductions - Lankoski, Petri (et al.) - Seiten 44-47
Animation-Based Interactive Storytelling System - Sumi, Kaoru - Seiten 48-50
Dear Esther: An Interactive Ghost Story Built Using the Source Engine - Pinchbeck, Dan - Seiten 51-54
Walking the Edit – A Research Project of the Master Cinema Network in Switzerland - Fischer, Ulrich - Seiten 55-58
3D Immersion in Virtual Agents Education - Brom, Cyril (et al.) - Seiten 59-70
Exploring Non-verbal Behavior Models for Believable Characters - Seif El-Nasr, Magy (et al.) - Seiten 71-82
Revisiting Character-Based Affective Storytelling under a Narrative BDI Framework - Peinado, Federico (et al.) - Seiten 83-88
VirtualActor: Endowing Virtual Characters with a Repertoire for Acting - Iurgel, Ido A. - Seiten 89-91
Steps towards a Generic Interface between Interactive Storytelling Applications and Character Animation Engines - Weiß, Sebastian A. (et al.) - Seiten 92-95
Looking at the Interactive Narrative Experience through the Eyes of the Participants - Milam, David (et al.) - Seiten 96-107
Play and Narration as Patterns of Meaning Construction: Theoretical Foundation and Empirical Evaluation of the User Experience of Interactive Films - Friess, Regina - Seiten 108-113
Trying to Get Trapped in the Past – Exploring the Illusion of Presence in Virtual Drama - Struck, Georg (et al.) - Seiten 114-125
The Functions of Music in Interactive Media - Berndt, Axel (et al.) - Seiten 126-131
Adaptive Musical Expression from Automatic Realtime Orchestration and Performance - Berndt, Axel (et al.) - Seiten 132-143
Narrative Generation for Suspense: Modeling and Evaluation - Cheong, Yun-Gyung (et al.) - Seiten 144-155
A Use of Flashback and Foreshadowing for Surprise Arousal in Narrative Using a Plan-Based Approach - Bae, Byung-Chull (et al.) - Seiten 156-167
Story Planning with Vignettes: Toward Overcoming the Content Production Bottleneck - Riedl, Mark O. (et al.) - Seiten 168-179
Schemas in Directed Emergent Drama - Arinbjarnar, Maria (et al.) - Seiten 180-185
Developing a Drama Management Architecture for Interactive Fiction Games - Ontañón, Santiago (et al.) - Seiten 186-197
Planning and Interaction Levels for TV Storytelling - Ciarlini, Angelo E. M. (et al.) - Seiten 198-209
Exploiting Structure and Conventions of Movie Scripts for Information Retrieval and Text Mining - Jhala, Arnav - Seiten 210-213
Generation of Dilemma-Based Narratives: Method and Turing Test Evaluation - Barber, Heather (et al.) - Seiten 214-217
Emergent Stories Facilitated - Figueiredo, Rui (et al.) - Seiten 218-229
Making Stories Player-Specific: Delayed Authoring in Interactive Storytelling - Thue, David (et al.) - eiten 230-241
Verbal Communication of Story Facilitators in Multi-player Role-Playing Games - Tychsen, Anders (et al.) - Seiten 242-249
Improvisation and Performance as Models for Interacting with Stories - Tanenbaum, Joshua (et al.) - Seiten 250-263
Let’s Pretend I Had a Sword - Swartjes, Ivo (et al.) - Seiten 264-267
On the Use of Computational Models of Influence for Managing Interactive Virtual Experiences - Roberts, David L. (et al.) - Seiten 268-272
Purposeful Authoring for Emergent Narrative - Louchart, Sandy (et al.) - Seiten 273-284
From Debugging to Authoring: Adapting Productivity Tools to Narrative Content Description - Pizzi, David (et al.) - Seiten 285-296
PRISM: A Framework for Authoring Interactive Narratives - Cheong, Yun-Gyung (et al.) - Seiten 297-308
Tales for the Many: Process and Authorial Control in Multi-player Role-Playing Games - Tychsen, Anders - Seiten 309-320
An Intelligent Plot-Centric Interface for Mastering Computer Role-Playing Games - León, Carlos (et al.) - Seiten 321-324
StoryTec: A Digital Storytelling Platform for the Authoring and Experiencing of Interactive and Non-linear Stories - Göbel, Stefan (et al.) - Seiten 325-328
Workshop: Impro Theatre - Dörger, Dagmar (et al.) - Seiten 329-329
Workshop: Pen-and-Paper Role-Playing - Berger, Florian (et al.) - Seiten 330-330
Workshop and Panel: The Authoring Process in Interactive Storytelling - Spierling, Ulrike (et al.) - Seiten 331-331

Notes in Computer Science - Volume 5334

Springer, Paperback, english, 334 pages

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