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Developing Mobile Applications using SAP NetWeaver Mobile

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Developing Mobile Applications using SAP NetWeaver Mobile

Thomas Pohl, Ramprasadh Kothandaraman & Venkat Srinivas Seshasai (authors)
This book provides readers with an in-depth, technical introduction to SAP NetWeaver Mobile (SAP NetWeaver MI). Developers, administrators, consultants, and IT managers learn everything there is to know about the development, deployment, and operation of mobile applications. Beginning with the basics of mobile technology, architecture of mobile apps, and device management, the authors efficiently guide you through the complete application development and management life cycle. Critical topics such as programming tools, performance, backend integration, and cross-application functionality, are covered in detail. Topic Highlights: - Mobile Technology: Devices, IDEs and Runtime Environments, Connectivity - Data Orchestration: Meta Model, Data Objects, Backend Integration, Modeling Data Objects and Backend Adapters, Modeling Data Distribution - Design Time Environments and Case Studies: Mobile Applications for Laptop, Mobile Web Dynpro Online - Mobile Application Lifecycle Management: Development Process, Setup, Mass Device Administration, Patch Deployment, and more - Support of Peripheral Devices: PIOS and PIOS API Core





  • Master the complete development cycle for mobile application
  • Learn how to use SAP's new development tools delivered with SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1.
  • Gain insights on data modeling, sizing, performance and security measures




SAP PRESS, Hardcover, english, 348 pages

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