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David Anirman • Masques

Artikelnummer: 0595319017

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David Anirman • Masques

Poems of Privilege, Pillage, and the New World Order
All is fair in love and war
Is unfair for evermore...

Masques is a classical poetic treatment of the dramatic events occurring around the world from 2001 to 2004, focusing on the mistakes, misdeeds, and misanthropy of the United States government and the entrenched interests supporting it. The work is a political polemic whose dynamic is summed up in the title: Patterns on the Masks of Deceit, Geb, the Gods of Globalization, the Horsemen of John, and the Bush Leagues.

The oil bubble
Already in Trouble
Will be remembered
Just by rubble
Left behind
By who couldn't find
The power to use it
For mankind

iUniverse, Paperback, english, 404 pages


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