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Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications

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Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications

Table of Contents
Part I - Classification

Distance-Based Kernels for Real-Valued Data.
Fast Support Vector Machine Classification of Very Large Datasets.
Fusion of Multiple Statistical Classifiers.
Calibrating Margin-Based Classifier Scores into Polychotomous Probabilities.
Classification with Invariant Distance Substitution Kernels.
Applying the Kohonen Self-Organizing Map Networks to Select Variables.
Computer Assisted Classification of Brain Tumors.
Model Selection in Mixture Regression Analysis-A Monte Carlo Simulation Study.
Comparison of Local Classification Methods.
Incorporating Domain Specific Information into Gaia Source Classification.
Identification of Noisy Variables for Nonmetric and Symbolic Data in Cluster Analysis.
Part II - Clustering
Families of Dendrograms.
Mixture Models in Forward Search Methods for Outlier Detection.
On Multiple Imputation Through Finite Gaussian Mixture Models.
Mixture Model Based Group Inference in Fused Genotype and Phenotype Data.
The Noise Component in Model-based Cluster Analysis.
An Artificial Life Approach for Semi-supervised Learning.
Hard and Soft Euclidean Consensus Partitions.
Rationale Models for Conceptual Modeling.
Measures of Dispersion and Cluster-Trees for Categorical Data.
Information Integration of Partially Labeled Data.
Part III - Multidimensional Data Analysis
Data Mining of an On-line Survey - A Market Research Application.
Nonlinear Constrained Principal Component Analysis in the Quality Control Framework.
Non Parametric Control Chart by Multivariate Additive Partial Least Squares via Spline.
Simple Non Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis.- Factorial Analysis of a Set of Contingency Tables.
Part IV - Analysis of Complex Data
Graph Mining: Repository vs. Canonical Form.
Classification and Retrieval of Ancient Watermarks.
Segmentation and Classification of Hyper-Spectral Skin Data.
FSMTree: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Temporal Patterns.
A Matlab Toolbox for Music Information Retrieval.
A Probabilistic Relational Model for Characterizing Situations in Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems.
Applying the Q n Estimator Online.
A Comparative Study on Polyphonic Musical Time Series Using MCMC Methods.
Collective Classification for Labeling of Places and Objects in 2D and 3D Range Data.
Lag or Error? - Detecting the Nature of Spatial Correlation.
Part V - Exploratory Data Analysis and Tools for Data Analysis
Urban Data Mining Using Emergent SOM.
KNIME: The Konstanz Information Miner.
A Pattern Based Data Mining Approach.
A Framework for Statistical Entity Identification in R.
Combining Several SOM Approaches in Data Mining: Application to ADSL Customer Behaviours Analysis.
On the Analysis of Irregular Stock Market Trading Behavior.
A Procedure to Estimate Relations in a Balanced Scorecard.
The Application of Taxonomies in the Context of Configurative Reference Modelling.
Two-Dimensional Centrality of a Social Network.
Benchmarking Open-Source Tree Learners in R/RWeka.
From Spelling Correction to Text Cleaning - Using Context Information.
Root Cause Analysis for Quality Management.
Finding New Technological Ideas and Inventions with Text Mining and Technique Philosophy.
Investigating Classifier Learning Behavior with Experiment Databases.
Part VI - Marketing and Management Science
Conjoint Analysis for Complex Services Using Clusterwise Hierarchical Bayes Procedures.
Building an Association Rules Framework for Target Marketing.
AHP versus ACA - An Empirical Comparison.
On the Properties of the Rank Based Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts.
Are Critical Incidents Really Critical for a Customer Relationship? A MIMIC Approach.
Heterogeneity in the Satisfaction-Retention Relationship - A Finite-mixture Approach.
An Early-Warning System to Support Activities in the Management of Customer Equity and How to Obtain the Most from Spatial Customer Equity Potentials.
Classifying Contemporary Marketing Practices.
Part VII - Banking and Finance
Predicting Stock Returns with Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Models.
The Evaluation of Venture-Backed IPOs - Certification Model versus Adverse Selection Model, Which Does Fit Better?.
Using Multiple SVM Models for Unbalanced Credit Scoring Data Sets.
Part VIII - Business Intelligence
Comparison of Recommender System Algorithms Focusing on the New-item and User-bias Problem.
Collaborative Tag Recommendations.- Applying Small Sample Test Statistics for Behavior-based Recommendations.
Part IX - Text Mining, Web Mining, and the Semantic Web
Classifying Number Expressions in German Corpora.
Non-Profit Web Portals - Usage Based Benchmarking for Success Evaluation.- Text Mining of Supreme Administrative Court Jurisdictions.
Supporting Web-based Address Extraction with Unsupervised Tagging.
A Two-Stage Approach for Context-Dependent Hypernym Extraction.
Analysis of Dwell Times in Web Usage Mining.
New Issues in Near-duplicate Detection.- Comparing the University of South Florida Homograph Norms with Empirical Corpus Data.- Content-based Dimensionality Reduction for Recommender Systems.
Part X - Linguistics
The Distribution of Data in Word Lists and its Impact on the Subgrouping of Languages.
Quantitative Text Analysis Using L-, F- and T-Segments.
Projecting Dialect Distances to Geography: Bootstrap Clustering vs. Noisy Clustering.
Structural Differentiae of Text Types - A Quantitative Model.
Part XI - Data Analysis in Humanities
Scenario Evaluation Using Two-mode Clustering Approaches in Higher Education.
Visualization and Clustering of Tagged Music Data.
Effects of Data Transformation on Cluster Analysis of Archaeometric Data.
Fuzzy PLS Path Modeling: A New Tool For Handling Sensory Data.
Automatic Analysis of Dewey Decimal Classification Notations.
A New Interval Data Distance Based on the Wasserstein Metric.
Author Index

Studies in Classification, Data Analysis and Knowledge Organization

Springer, Paperback, english, 719 pages

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