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Cultural Authority in Golden Age Spain

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Cultural Authority in Golden Age Spain

Edited by Marina S. Brownlee and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
In a wide-ranging series of essays, the contributors to this volume bring recent critical and theoretical perspectives to bear on the understanding of culture in Golden Age Spain, focusing on the related notions of authority, authourship, selfhood and tradition in Spanish culture. This book will appeal to Hispanists and comparatists interested in contemporary perspectives on the literature and culture of medieval and Renaissance Spain as well as to medievalists and Renaissance specialists interested in Spanish literature.

Table of Contents
Translator's Note
1: Tradition and Authority in Lope de Vega's La Dorotea, Lia Schwartz Lerner, p. 3
2: Textual Discontinuities and the Problems of Closure in the Spanish Drama of the Golden Age, Jose M. Regueiro, p. 28
3: Creative Space: Ideologies of Discourse in Gongora's Polifemo, Edward H. Friedman, p. 51
4: Gongora and the Footprints of the Voice, Mary Malcolm Gaylord, p. 79
5: Postmodernism and the Baroque in Maria de Zayas, Marina S. Brownlee, p. 107
6: Homographesis in Salicio's Song, Paul Julian Smith, p. 131
7: Literary Continuity, Social Order, and the Invention of the Picaresque, Harry Sieber, p. 143
8: Cervantes and the Paternity of the English Novel, Robert Ter Horst, p. 165
9: The "I" of the Beholder: Self and Other in Some Golden Age Texts, Ruth El Saffar, p. 178
10: History and Modernity in the Spanish Golden Age: Secularization and Literary Self-Assertion in Don Quijote, Anthony J. Cascardi, p. 209
11: "The Matter of America": Cervantes Romances Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Diana De Armas Wilson, p. 234
12: The Discourse of Empire in the Renaissance, Walter Cohen, p. 260
13: The Role of Discontinuity in the Formation of National Culture, Joan Ramon Resina, p. 284
14: Cosmological Time and the Impossibility of Closure: A Structural Element in Spanish Golden Age Narratives, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, p. 304
Notes on Contributors, p. 323

Johns Hopkins University Press, Parallax: Re-visions of Culture & Society, Hardback, 344 pages

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